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Exhausting Weekend Approaches

2009-05-28, 8:06 a.m.

Man, spring is stressful. I keep thinking I will hit the point where the stress stops--for example, Whole Earth being over--and then Wedding Drama and Family Drama commences instead.

I have FOUR events that I am either going to, or wish I could go to, or am bailing out of going to, tomorrow night. This sucks on high and I am PISSED that it's all pretty much around the same time, too.

Then Saturday comes The Wedding. I now have an incredibly expensive dress to wear to it because Mom insisted that nothing I had was good enough. Oh well, it'll fit in with The Country Club Set. Sigh. I think I can't wait for the drama to be over with.

Sunday, we have to spend the day showing my cousin Bill around, and have to do more post-wedding, breakfast. Well, that's not too bad, but still doesn't mean I get to rest.

Then on Monday starts two hours of more dental drama. You know, I was looking forward to June, and then I had to schedule very long (or short but frequent) dentist appointments.

And adding to the fun, my boss is quitting, so there is sad work drama and goodbye parties.

Now I'm just waiting until mid-June for some peace. If that happens. Ever. Meh, I'm just tired.

Btw, I was going to write a manifestation entry today (well, it is written), but I haven't uploaded pictures and totally forgot to do it last night, so I might as well wait until that gets done so I have my proof up.

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