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Memorial Day Sights

2018-05-28, 11:38 p.m.

Followup from the last time I saw Sedaris: he's talking about a lot of the same stuff on Colbert. And wearing a blinding shirt. And feeding his tumor to a snapping turtle. I am not making that up.

In other news:

Friday: I had a slow week at work other than getting one major thing done I needed to do, and my various coworkers started disappearing during the week. By Friday afternoon my so called "team" had all disappeared. One was at a conference, as was the boss, one never showed up at all and never notified anyone, and the last one left around 11:30 and never returned. This seems kind of fishy to me, but for all I know they just texted the boss and boss forgot to mention or something...and I'm the only one in that group that anyone else in the office comes looking for on a regular basis, so only one person besides me even noticed they were all gone.

I sort of wanted to say something to be an asshole/get a slight bit of revenge, but (a) odds are that makes me look worse and for all I know they notified someone instead of oh, the entire office like they are supposed to do, and (b) do I need to engineer open warfare here with folks who already hate me? No.

Mostly I just got uh...a lot done.

Saturday: I went to the California Academy of Sciences, FINALLY. Finally got Mom to go to this and it was awesome. They have a rainforest biodome and I got to run around attempting to take photos of blue morphos. Sadly, they will stay still with their wings up (not showing the blue at all) or be flying around showing blue, not too much a combination of both. I also went through their giant aquarium area, a color area, saw a coral reef movie in the planetarium (hey, coral reefs are on earth, which is in space, the projector guy argued), saw the penguins but they weren't doing anything besides itching themselves. But in general, it was cool beans and I was happy to finally see it.

We also did the "behind the scenes" tour, which does the following for $25/pop:
(a) Takes you somewhat farther into their roof area
(b) You spend waaaaay too much time looking at dead fish (I could have skipped that so much)
(c) Looking at bugs and butterflies (including blue morphos, dogface butterflies, including one half male, half female one), which was better,
(d) Going into the secret gem vault, which was quite cool.

The other tour they do is of the penguins, which the saleslady advised against unless you are really into animals (she got that out before I could say "penguins!"). The tour guide also said it really smells bad in there. Also, we learned that the International Space Station smells like feet.

On Sunday, we saw "Solo." It was all right. Acting's pretty good. I was sad that the interesting side characters died pretty quickly, but the main actors did well, particularly Lando and Qira. Han and Beckett aren't bad either. The one issue I really had with it was that it just wasn't funny, which is sad when you have Han and Lando in a movie. Mom slept through it as usual.

Otherwise I spent a lot of the time with Mom shopping. Went shopping till 10:30 on Saturday night (oy, woman, go to bed) though I did get some nice clothes, and found an awesome book on Sunday.

On Monday, I took BART in to go see Jackie in Burlingame and have lunch and get some fancy Oreo drink. BART unfortunately was having a "crazy person day" and the morning's ride had a homeless guy wandering around with his shirt off through the aisles. The afternoon's ride had guys harassing you about politics, to which I said "hey, I don't even LIVE in this area." One of them was particularly loud/crazy/in your face and he laid into my seatmate for a few minutes, and she was just Not Having It. I was impressed, actually, that he did leave after a few minutes.

I drove home and went to the annual free high school Memorial Day Shakespeare production of Twelfth Night. Had Melanie been along, she would have been so annoyed (though I did text her details, no response yet).

Notable moments of the production:

(a) Olivia's dead relatives and the supposedly drowning Sebastian were acted out very silly-like on the side of the stage when the narration talked about them. The brother and father like, choked to death spontaneously.

(b) Olivia at one point fights her own employees Matrix-style with an umbrella. This show takes place in the Jazz Age, incidentally. (Also, Olivia is supposed to be a famous actress and the set is dressed like a theater she owns. Which is showing "Two Gentlemen of Illyria" in the second act.)

(c) The best thing, however, was Orsino (played by a girl) doing a sexy, butt-shaking-at-audience, slight bit of clothes coming off stripper number to "Put A Little Bit Of Sugar In My Bowl" (I think that was the song) before pitching woo and dancing sorta dirty with "Cesario." I repeat, this is a high school production. I think Melanie woulda keeled over.

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