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No Karaoke

2019-05-28, 12:31 p.m.

I didn't do anything on Monday except get writing projects done. Nothing to say about that.

As for today, karaoke had some twists that I was not expecting.

(a) I showed up at 8 when karaoke is supposed to start and found out that Pyrate Matthew had not shown up. Whether or not he is in the hospital again, nobody seems to know, but that does not seem to bode well.

(b) I showed up early enough to actually try some of the alcohol in the bar and found out that the pineapple cider I wanted to try, well, they were out. I ended up with the beer-tasting card and discovered that while I could drink the pear-jalapeno cider (a little bit too spicy for my preferences of drinking but overall doable), I still can’t stand beer. Sigh.

(c) Sarah arrived after about an hour, so we had dinner together and had a good time.

(d) Nobody else showed up--I found out after I got home and looked at e-mail that the dudes had found out about Pyrate Matthew’s absence and gone off to another bar. (Sarah’s reaction to this: “Who the fuck checks e-mail?” Seriously never seen a girl that young be so not into screens other than her phone, y’all.)

(e) We ended up hanging out with some other karaoke folks, sharing our food and having a good time in which I got to look at all the fancy rocks Sarah bought (she gave me a labradorite one) and I gave her a “Team Unicorn” pin, and I found out all about the Christmas tractor parade because one of the karaoke folks, Stephanie, was an initiator of the thing. I think I wrote down that she said, “I barf up Christmas lights all over my tractor!” and she also gets to tow Santa. There are fifty tractors in the thing and they are
each charged $25/pop to be in it. I may have to go check this out sometime.

(f) Neither Jim nor his love interest were there tonight, so no news on that front.

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