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Crazy Day

2009-05-29, 2:52 p.m.

I don't like to blog about work--if you figured out where I work, you pretty much know what kind of money loss and hell I will get to deal with probably within a few months, 'nuff said. But today was just a freaking CRAZY day.

(a) My boss had her goodbye party.
(b) We had an emergency lunch meeting, on 2 hours notice.
(c) I had my career counseling appointment right after that.

The goodbye party was sad for me. My coworker and I didn't talk to her much at it since it was a big social thing. Mostly we ah...sat around talking about serial killers. Why yes, that was the most cheerful part of my work day.

As for the emergency meeting, it wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. More along the lines of "they're reorganizing, but they don't know how yet," so it was hard to get worked up about it. Canning people isn't happening yet. On the other hand, the Big Boss just got forced to do two huge jobs at once (presumably without a pay upgrade, one suspects) and I think he is seriously gonna be cruising for a meltdown. So...whee. I tried to be all perky and say that it wasn't as bad as I thought-- it wasn't my department getting disbanded and nobody's been canned yet--but then Big Boss just STARED at me.

So, suffice it to say, I left the meeting feeling all wigged out anyway. Joy. This turned out to be great timing for seeing my career counselor. I had made the appointment with her because she was likely to be canned soon, but she got a year's reprieve, so good for her. Nice to hear that in a year of "we're gonna start seriously canning people", they aren't quite getting rid of the career counseling system yet. So I went off to her about stuff, and she said that given the seniority rules here I probably wasn't #1 on the chopping block, and nobody's safe regardless of what job they do, and I might as well go with my strengths and come up with a writing portfolio rather than attempt to go to plumbing school.

There were just too many events going on that night that I wanted to go to. I ended up not going to my cousin's rehearsal dinner to go to a farewell party for a friend, who I will probably not see again once he moves home due to lack of job. The party had a fairytale theme and costumes, and was awesome. There was lots of food, dancing, and a movie. It really cheered me up after the shit day I had.

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