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Another Very Long Busy Weekend

2012-05-29, 9:10 a.m.

Another busy weekend for me....

On Friday, Mom and I saw a free outdoor show by the teen theater here of The Compleat Works Of William Shakespeare, Abridged. I had kind of wondered about this as a selection for this theater since (a) the show usually is 3 guys performing (very roughly) most of Shakespeare improv-ish style and (b) they have a lot more people, especially girls, in this theater company. I was pleased to see that they came up with a solution for this. The show starts out with a protest by the girls (with signs like "We Are The 52%"). After a fight on stage, it's agreed that the girls will be understudies. So naturally about halfway through the first act, the dudes get conked over the head and replaced by a troupe of three girls. This is especially amusing when they get to the football history plays scene, what with the "machoness" kicking in there. At the end of the first act, when everyone finds out they've forgotten Hamlet and start whining about it, the guys return...and NOBODY wants to do Hamlet and everyone runs off the stage screaming while the "tech crew" try to catch them. Since this was an outdoor show, one guy actually RODE AWAY ON A BIKE. Hah. So that leaves the tech crew behind to put on Act 2: Hamlet A Bunch Of Times, alone. Good move, director people.

I'm not sure how much Mom liked it--apparently she sleeps upright now--but she seems to have put up with it enough, even when it started raining during intermission. At least it wasn't raining that badly during the second act, because it seemed rude and blocking people's views to put up an umbrella.

Btw, speaking of raining, I miss the days where one could be at least 99% sure that it would not be raining on Memorial Day weekend. SERIOUSLY, it was windy and chilly even when it wasn't raining every effing day. And I didn't even have plans involving the word "houseboat" or "bikini."

On Saturday, we went to the ah... Tour de Cluck Farmers Market event. No, we did not go on the bicycle chicken coop tour, though I did find out there were something like 18 coops on the tour (including my neighbors) and there's like 100 people in town with chicken coops. Suddenly this explains a lot about this town. They had various chicken-themed dishes at the market and a silent auction and someone of course riding a bike in a chicken suit. And live chickens. Dear lord, I don't have the time to wait around to post the pics of this with the entry, but it was pretty funny-looking.

Eventually we left town to go back to Mom's town and hit a showing of "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee", which she'd seen already and thought this cast was really good. I would concur. On the one hand, they had a lot smaller stage/cast than the time I saw it on campus. On the other hand, the guy playing Mitch the grief counselor/Logan's manipulative gay dad was really very good and pumped up the part a lot compared to the previous time I'd seen the show. Now, I can't recall what the hell entry it was that I saw the show before (and dear lord, I don't have the time to look today), but I applied to get on the stage as one of the spellers then and was pissed I didn't get in. This time I did! Maybe it was my writing down as special skills that I can spell "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and when they asked if I was a performer I said "sometimes, when they let me on a stage." Or maybe it was because those of us chosen were probably the four people who could get onstage and on bleachers without a cane. Eh, whatever. I hammed it up as best I could.

I am sad to say that I was the first one out--they gave me some word I can't even figure out to this day via Google (some kind of Australian spear? starts with G?, ends in double ee's?). So I did not get to be on stage for the dance number, which makes me sad. But what can you do. I continue to be jealous of the person who got to spell "cat" and got relatively easy words to go out fourth. The funny thing was that she got her word on the third go, so they immediately gave her something impossible...which she decided to spell "cat" again. Hah. Good move there. I wish I'd gotten her part! But it was the first time I ever got cast in a theater play after years of trying. Probably my last too because I apparently cannot act like any character other than myself* and could never get into any show when I used to audition for them. But at least I did it once.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Mom also got a role to play in the show. The character of Chip gets "an unfortunate erection" while looking at Leaf's sister Marigold out in the audience...and he specifically picked out Mom to to in the audience. It was hysterically funny for me. Yes, my mom caused an unfortunate erection...

* though really, this wouldn't be a problem if I was a comedic dude on television. Alas, I am female and can't get away with such things.

Huh, now I am wondering what the hell it was I did with my souvenir juice box?

On Sunday I hung out with Jackie again--went to the Treasure Island Flea Market. I thought it was pretty cool and I'd always wanted to see that island. Alas, this really, really wasn't Jackie's thing and she had a headache on top of that. So it was a bit of a buzzkill to want to look at stuff, but feel bad because I was dragging her around while she was bored and waiting for the Advil to kick in. We left early and went around some other area of SF for awhile, and then we had a really early dinner because she wanted to find somewhere where she could have foie gras one last time. I did not try hers, as in all honesty it did not look tasty. She was evidently starving and it was a very expensive meal for "tapas," as it turned out. The fried crab ravioli I got was scrumptious, though.

Naturally, my mom finished this off with wanting to go to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner...there's a contrast.

On Monday, I seriously just collapsed. I went to bed early, I slept for like 11 hours and then took naps. Mom wanted to go for a walk and I seriously could not get off my ass to shower until 11:30. My biggest activity that day was watching The Blues Brothers on her couch. Clearly I just needed a day of rest, since I am not getting ANY this week. I seriously can't wait for June to get here and this month to just END ALREADY.

(Naturally, somehow this meant that since I got a ton of rest on Sunday, I woke up at 2 a.m. for no good reason and couldn't get back to sleep until 4:30. Because I just cannot start a work week rested for anything...)

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