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2003-05-30, 4:59 p.m.

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Well, today's been a busy day. I'm going around making a list of every 3wa person's site I can find, I have sorta set up a new book review weblog, which I'm not linking yet because I haven't done anything with it beyond the bare bones.

And much to my own amazement (since previously I have been one of those people who is all, "Why the heck would you have more than one journal?"), I got a LiveJournal so I could hang out with the 3WA folks there. I have to say, that journal's kinda like crack a bit. Had I seen that first I might have just stuck with it, because LJ is addictive crack. I guess I'll end up putting more of the short random shit over there.

However, there's another advantage to having two journals.

I don't think I got around to mentioning this when it came up, but Dave got the idea after seeing Stef's journal to do an online journal himself. While I was setting up the livejournal and free codes were being offered, I asked him if he'd want one. I figure he won't update much, and that's certainly manageable with an LJ. He wanted one. So now he knows I have a journal (I am not sure if he's aware of this one or not- he's seen the link and paid no attention to it), at least. So now I have a "public" (to him) and "private", I guess.

And now he has one, about which he asked if he could write in it when we were having fights and stuff. Well, since I (ahem) already have, fair game! So far he's written a couple of super-schmoopy entries about well, me. Boy, is that ever weird. Should you choose to peruse, I'm not going to link to his directly here, but there's a couple links to his on today's LJ entries. For those of you who wondered things like how we got engaged and the like, well, there ya go.

It's definitely strange. Even beyond the schmoopies, he wasn't real thrilled to see me comment that lately he'd been into using creative spelling and capitalization :P

But what the heck.

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