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Do What Stones You

2019-05-30, 10:00 p.m.

Dreamed about the play/auditions/something theater-y last night. Not sure if it was rehearsals for the old show or the new show, but featured the same people. It has gotten me to thinking all day in ways I don’t feel like spelling out. But it’s new and weird (albeit positive...maybe too positive) in my brain. Like, this is where my brain is going? I think we shall have a fun time next time I have a therapy call.

Quote from my boss today after I told her about auditions and that I was still high from yesterday: “Do what gets you high. Do what stones you. As long as it isn’t illegal.” I love this. Seriously I am still on theater high all dang day.

I passed on a link about goat LARPIng and it has now gone around the Internet/Craft Center. I am pleased.

Someone who shall not be named any more (unless life has some drastic changes) is performing her last performance of the year, of course she chooses to show up when I am working tonight. Slight grumble. Remember, I am giving up there and working on pursuing other people... speaking of the dream.

Other than that, yesterday I was introduced to the concept of the stickgalskrok, which is an object Swedish people make to attach a ball of yarn so it will rotate and attach to your waist so you can walk while knitting. Last week I met a lady (Julie) who is doing her dissertation on textiles and wanted to join the yarn club after Dawn told her about it, and I was all, if you ever want to contribute to the mailing list, PLEASE do so! So she told me about this object and came down to the Craft Center to demonstrate how to make one for me. I’m not entirely sure I got it right when I tried it, but I took a lot of pictures and will send to her to write captions and instructions for it (hopefully) so that others can figure out how to make the darned thing.

I tried out the one she made for me tonight. It mostly works but the yarn is snagging around and not winding out as expected. I think I need to put some kind of little cone in there or something to get it to stay. Either way, I plan on showing it around to folks.

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