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2003-06-01, 7:02 p.m.

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I got up Saturday morning and noticed that one of my inhalers was on its last gasp, literally. Oh, sure, that WOULD have to happen on a weekend, wouldn't it? They put notes in there saying "get your new inhaler BEFORE you run out," but really, I couldn't tell until suddenly er, it wasn't puffing so readily. I had to trash it. Fortunately, I managed to find my old inhaler from the last time this got prescribed to me and managed on that and a few less puffs all weekend. Amazingly, no coughing fits yet. Also amazingly, I managed to find the dang prescription boxes in time for Monday morning.

Those who got bored this weekend and read the LiveJournal will know this already, but I ended up going to Dave's this weekend on Saturday afternoon. I was hella depressed already at being stuck at home, all week I'd been pondering switching weekends and going to his place this weekend anyway, and then it got into him telling me that he'd noticed of late that when I had a crappy weekend, my coping skills in life apparently went way downhill. Actually, waaaaaaaay downhill. Which is a frighteningly good point, really.

Hill seems to think he was trying to talk me into visiting him in a sleazy way, alas *sigh*

This may have actually worked out, as while I was at the train station my friend Jackie called and said she might be in town next weekend.

I am thinking that it might just be easier on my fragile mental health to just go to Dave's most weekends again. Looking back, I was spending less even when I went there than when I have been going whole hog buying goodies by myself, and was in a better mood. I'm already having a meltdown every weekday about something or other in life (gah, no, I don't want to deal with finding another stranger to be bothered by my life, for example) as is. I guess starting out being home this weekend made me feel even more trapped than usual.

Hell, depending on if/when Jackie shows up, maybe I'll go to Dave's for part of that weekend. Who knows?

Though there is some good news- there is hope for 3WA being saved, and I'm hoping it works out.

Oh yes, and I have a big announcement for you that will be especially amusing after the last entry (drumroll, please...). Yes, Dave officially knows about this journal too. For whatever reason he went to go look at 3WA Saturday and guess whose last portaled entry was at the top. And no, he hadn't figured out that the link in the sig was this.

He doesn't mind. Hell, he seems to think it's cool or something.

He is currently reading through all of it as I write now, even though I have been rather wigging out at the idea of him seeing this one. (Particularly any entries mentioning my prior dating life, or prior fooling-around-life-with-a-particular-person-who-introduced-us. Especially the latter.) Again, oddly enough, he seems not to mind. And hell, had apparently heard about that from Scott already :P

I think at this point, all of the secrets I hadn't mentioned to him have come out to him (at least by the time he gets through the journal). And yet, he's okay with it all and isn't even annoyed that I mentioned his first name on the Internet, which I feared he might be ticked at.

That's how you know you have the right one, folks.

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