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Summer of Bored

2005-06-01, 9:09 p.m.

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I'm 27. I hate my job. I'm broke and need to find a new place to live in 1 month. I'm going nowhere and have nothing. Motivate me.

According to my strange holiday listings site (oft-cited on the blog), today is Dare Day. (And also, "Flip A Coin Day.")

I woke up on this June 1 in a freaking bad mood. As usual per a weeknight, I got no sleep and woke up so bleary-eyed I couldn't tell if my glasses were on my face or not. I came into work all crabby because I really didn't want to deal with people today and coincidentally, this was going to be one of those days where I'd have to deal with people in my space all day, and I'd have to be welcoming and friendly about it, and I couldn't go walk off and get a snack or anything like that. Mom e-mailed with her usual: "Are you there? Are you still alive? Why don't you ever answer your phone? Are you mad at me?"

In short, it took all my strength and the finishing off of a Lindt orange chocolate bar to keep me from growling at everyone.

It's the "first day of summer." Well, sorta. Okay, technically no, but if one kind of mentally subscribes to the "summer lasts three months, and those months are June, July, and August," it is.

And it occurred to me, as I was stewing about pretty much everything, that you know all those movies made about really fun summers? You know- Say Anything, American Pie 2, probably that frigging "traveling pants" movie (the concept of which...guh. Just...guh), any summer camp flick except for the horror ones, blah blah blah.

I have never had any kind of "special" summer like that. Admittedly, I haven't really DONE anything dramatic like leave town for the entire summer or go to camp or get some exotic job at a resort. Or had a summer boyfriend (the best I ever did was a summer dorm crush, and he flaked out soon after asking me out). Or any of that stuff that makes a Summer of Fun. Once in awhile I'd get to go to the county fair, or on a special trip for a week, but that'd be pretty much it.

And it occurred to me that I'd like that to happen. (Though let's face it, at 27 I'm probably way too old to even hope for such a thing.)

Unfortunately, what I'd really like to do is to leave town more often, or at least go on a few day trips with people that are not my parents. And given that I am a moron who can't drive and my few in-town friends aren't available to do such things, that pretty much makes "go out of town" not an option. Well, I suppose I could take the train to somewhere or other, but I don't trust my dumb ass to wander around in a strange town alone without getting hopelessly lost.

So that leaves...finding interesting things to do here. Which is a stretch a good chunk of the time ANYWAY other than the spring, but in summer? Dead.

Everybody but me in my improv class has flaked the hell out, and tonight was the last night. So the teacher (Toni) and I decided to go to the movies. Except everything playing (ruling out Star Wars since I'd seen it and she was eh at best on it) was shite. So we gave up and went home.

THERE NEEDS TO BE SOMETHING TO DO IN THIS TOWN. I don't want to be bored all the dang time with nothing to go to other than classes and work.

But what? How the fuck can this problem be solved? What other activities would people DO, anyway? And where? God knows location's always a bitch.

I've been looking here, but...I dunno. God knows I can't solve my own life's problems, but somehow for once I've got this bug up my ass to start soliciting around town (for anyone left) for activities, or at least to ask if anyone else is as bored as I am and what they'd like to do about it locally. Okay, I just posted a predictably whiny LJ community post, but that'll probably get laughed at or posted to by drunken morons who type in l337.

Alas, I am not the leader type and we all know this momentary burst of gumption won't last...or at least, even if it did and I got some people, I'd get a bunch of "I dunnos" and flakeouts, because EVERYONE flakes out in this town! GRRRR!

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