Chaos Attraction

I Have No Idea How This Worked

2009-06-01, 2:55 p.m.

Final manifestation entry. Continued from here.

The total list:

* Blue feather
* Bead
* Fairy toy
* Playing card
* Skein of storebought yarn
* Rice Krispie Treat
* Picture of a tree
* Front page of the New York Times
* Kettle corn
* Fortune cookie
* Flower

Items Definitely Manifested Within This Time Period, With Photographs As Proof:
* Beads
* Pictures of trees.
* Rice Krispie Treat
* The front page of the New York Times.
* Kettle corn
* Playing card
* Fairy figurine
* Flower

Items That I Have Had No Sign Of Whatsoever, Pretty Much (see below):
* skein of storebought yarn
* fortune cookie

Still Questionable:
* blue feather (unless we count seeing lots of blue jays).

Yeah...I don't know what to think about this, or what to conclude. I thought about extending the experiment for another month,, bugger it. I thought I'd feel more of a sense of accomplishment doing it than I did, but I don't feel it. It felt more like a scavenger hunt and that's how it played out.

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