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2019-06-01, 9:48 p.m.

Today was a bit unnerving. I did some errands, took Loretta to a craft fair (we got earrings) and a theater costume sale (nothing I was that into), but mostly what happened was my car stalled out three times--it started going VERY slowly and locked up--and then I had to start it up again to get it going on the road. This is disconcerting as fuck to have happen when you really want to drive out of town tomorrow on a Sunday and can’t go to a mechanic on a weekend. I was shaky when I got home.

So I didn’t drive the car the rest of the day and instead walked to the Craft Center to go do some sewing and mending, and then hung out in the park for a few hours reading.

Oh yeah, AND I GOT IN THE PLAY. I got Audrey.

Which on the one hand: easiest part for a lady no question, hardly any lines, in three scenes and one of them I don’t even have any lines and just stand around so...super lazy easy. Don’t even have to go to rehearsals as much (okay, so that’s a sad). On the other hand, would have preferred a wee bit more lines/stuff to do like Phoebe...oh well. Still in a play, and laziness for the win.

I wonder what 60+ year-old-dude is likely to be my fiance/husband (Touchstone) this time? Perhaps Phil.

She just said in the first e-mail that she would like to offer me the part of Audrey (not only does she remind me of my shrink in person, she e-mails similarly briefly) and then when I said yes, said “Sassy country girl.” I guess that answers how I got tagged for that one, anyway!

I wonder what everyone else got?

In other news, Jackie wants me to go to Pride with her in SF and I... don’t super want to because (a) SF is crazy and that is about as fucking cray-cray as it gets right there and (b) the ethical dilemma of “should a vaguely nominally straight/borderline asexual person, i.e. not counting as gay, go to Pride in the first place?” Because in my heart I feel it’s unethical, or at least things got rather uncomfortable the last time I went to town Pride and then got asked why I wasn’t on the gay ladies mailing list. However, I don’t think I can say that to her so.... sigh. I dunno. I got a month to figure out that one.
(Also, not sure if I have rehearsal then for some reason? I think the director needs to redo what dates she has written things down on, such as June 31.)

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