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Post-Wedding Shrink Appointment

2009-06-02, 3:33 p.m.

Had an interesting conversation with my shrink about the wedding today. Told her about Mom's death threat and the like and she said that Mom was just trying to live vicariously because she may never get to plan an event for that like me. Which I understand, and since it won't be happening for me, I say yay to the vicariousness...I just don't think one needs to nitpick every detail all the time. (Stupid Virgoness.)

And I was all, "Uh, yeah, even if a miracle occurs, I'd rather elope and bypass the Year of Screaming. 'Cause you know she'd nitpick everything and yell at me the entire time."

So she starts telling me about her wedding, which is to say, it was her MOM's day because her mom really really really wanted to plan a giant event, and my shrink pretty much let her do what she wanted as long as shrink got final veto. Also, she said her dad would tell her mom to stop it at times. I said, "Uh, who's going to tell mine to stop it?" and she said, "Me." Even when I'm 60 and getting married?

I can't deny she has a point, though. That's it's more MOM's DAY than yours, and just letting her do whatever she wants would eliminate most of the screaming.

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