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I Got Groceries Again (That's A Lot More Exciting Of A Topic Than It Used To Be)

2020-06-02, 9:32 p.m.

I didn't sleep much at all last night, I don't think I lost consciousness except for a brief dream of a small child grabbing me while I was sitting on the floor and sneezing directly in my face. GOD, I HATE PANDEMIC DREAMS.

Lioness called out sick today. Sick of the office already, I am guessing.

Another one of those days at work, but they all are. I got another "where is it? Is it done yet?" nag email about the name proofreading project. As I was finishing up, I found Yet Another Problem (let's just say it is possible that a lot of names have been left off the list I got), right when my boss wanted to have a meeting, which turned into 2 hours, therapy being canceled again*, multiple people being dragged into a Zoom call, Policy Was Discussed, as well as "oh, wait, such-and-such didn't happen?" and "wouldn't it be nice if I didn't have to spend hours doing manual fixes, BUT...." and irritating debate over special characters and just.....argh. So there shall be more drama about this come the rest of the week, as A Giant Zoom Meeting had to be scheduled for Thursday.

* I texted my shrink a few times and got no response, which is.... concerning under the circumstances. Two weeks ago she was taking her mother to the hospital and she was taking last week off, but theoretically this week should have been on, right? Well, it's not like I can do anything else....I could email her, but same difference. I can't exactly contact anyone else she knows to see if she's still alive.

I did give my contact over there a heads-up about this drama and she said that the lady in charge of the whole thing essentially decided to not worry about it this year, so..... yeah. Then she and I chatted about random things such as our creative projects, in between work stuff. So that was fun.

Oh, and the one job listing to join my future team of one actually went up today. Coworker Sarah is applying. I wish her all the luck in the world at this point...she's doing so much better at training than I am, but I am having issues these days.

My grocery delivery was supposed to be coming between 12 and 1. I masked up in 4 layers--one of my masks with a filter put in, then pantyhose on top, then the bigger mask Claire made for me on top of that.* With 4 layers going on, I could barely breathe in my house. The fellow didn't arrive until about 1:15, but he managed to load something like 25 bags--I didn't count, but I ordered a LOT--and a lot of water to my door without complaint and seemed very nice during the 15 seconds of our acquaintance. He did check my ID (I wonder how well that works with face masks) since I bought more alcohol, so that's the second closest I've gotten to a human since getting my shot in the arse. Alas, he wasn't wearing a mask, but other than that....About the only thing I'm not thrilled about is I ordered two large bags of salad and one of them expires in four days and half the lettuce had gone pink already. The other one expires next week, so at least that one should last longer.

This reminds me: the Baby Yoda Disney facemasks are on sale again, and this time I actually managed to buy some. Muahahah. Last time I tried for a solid week and it never went through and then said it was sold out.

I got my receipt and they were unable to find some more items, so the grocery bill is down to $380ish. Some things were substituted, some were not (darn it, no more orange vanilla Coke, but that figures). I so far have left the nonperishables in the bags in the hallway (14 of 'em), washed the fruit (applies and clementines), attempted to wash the fridge contents off since almost all of them could literally be washed after I did the dishes...I still haven't figured out how to handle the frozen food, though. Tried asking online and mostly got "eh, don't worry about it" sorts of answers.

Oh well, at least I have food again. I made salads out of the expiring bag for later, like in the old days, and now that I have eggs, I made brownies, though the oven REALLY heated up the kitchen area so it's actually rather hot in here and so far I haven't even eaten the brownies yet--I ate half a carton of gelato and then some chicken corn chowder. Yum. I'm surprised I was in the mood to eat soup given what I've been whining about lately, but at least it was different soup.

Rehearsal went well tonight, not much else to say about it since my one-on-one is now moved to Thursday. We will probably start discussing technical issues Sunday or so since rehearsal was pretty short today. Emailed a bit with Coleman about rehearsing later in the week, and I heard from Jess, who said her husband is now out of work and they are living on savings. That shocked me since he's a computer guy, but she said something like the options were 'move to Louisiana or quit, and the people that moved got laid off anyway." Oy.

I watched some video interview that was live streaming tonight, and I was shocked that the interview subject and the interviewers were all hanging out in a studio, no masks, no distance, like it was a normal time. It was so weird that I was expecting it to be some kind of rerun, but no, they were talking about the protests and whatnot. Huh? Now I am on to attempting to watch The Merry Wives of Windsor. I'm not feeling that one either.

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