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2003-06-03, 5:04 p.m.

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I lost my sunglasses yesterday. They fell out of my bag at some point while I was roaming the south end of town and campus. My custom-fit-for-these-glasses sunglasses.

Mom checked to see about reordering a pair and it turns out they're discontinued. Even IF a pair can be found, it'd be $70. Could I try to look even harder for them? Oh, sure, I'll just comb the campus with a fine-tooth comb, I'm sure no students would have made off with them in the meantime.

I also had to tell her about Hill moving out. She has actually not been so bad about that as you'd think, but I was not in the mood to discuss it and telling her that, of course, made no difference.

She also gave me a lecture on how I should stand up to Hill. I find it funny that the people who like it the most when I'm submissive like to give me lectures like that. They'd go ballistic if I tried.

Scott and Demma were just lovely today. They dropped by to talk to Dave's mom (and presumably look around for Dave) and Scott felt compelled to tell Dave's mother that her son was a loser. Yeah, brilliant move to tell that to someone's MOTHER about her child to her FACE, there, bucko.

From what I heard, this is how the conversation then went:

"Stop right there."


"I don't like people calling my son a loser."

"I never..."

"Jen's told us all about you apologising to her for saddling her with my 'pathetic' son. I like you and I'm gonna give you a chance to explain."

She got dead silence, then they walked out.


(Ironically, I don't think I told her directly that- but hell, he'd blabbed it in public a few times, word gets around.)

Nice friends there.

At least 3WA looks like it's gonna be saved, even if some jackass decided to bitch about it on MetaFilter today. I'm glad Sara was delighted for all the hits it brought.

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