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Another Sacramento Drive

2012-06-03, 11:41 a.m.

Despite having an exhausting streak of days this week, I was surprised that I was up, functioning, doing errands and even running to the gym today.

I haven't mentioned how my week at work went, what with the new double duty job and all. HOLY FUCKING SHIT HAS IT BEEN CRAZY. Everyone has apparently been out sick or on vacation, so even though I wasn't supposed to be going it alone in the office, I did almost every day of the week, and things were crazy for almost all that time. That office is very busy, and one of the computers crashes a lot. I probably don't need to explain any more than that. I was going to do driving practice during lunch on Thursday...then I had to postpone it. Then I was going to do it on Friday...and found out so late that I had to go in that I couldn't even cancel the reservation and had to waste it. (Note: to get to any of the cars from the other office takes 15 that's a waste of a half hour of drive time. Ugh. I think I will just have to not book driving trips during lunch for as long as this goes on, since I won't know from day to day if the people who were supposed to be covering the office show or not.

So I booked 3.5 hours on Sunday even though I wanted to take the day off and do nothing after a long day. I found a craft fair in Sacramento to go to and brought Monica along. Which was good, because the Mapquest instructions for how to get to that part of Sacramento didn't work again, and after ending up in Rancho Cordova again, it took about an hour to find the place. But it was a pretty nice fair, and we saw some Craft Center folks there, so that was cool. Another fairly successful driving day achieved!

I was looking forward to June, but why?!? It seems to be just as damn busy as May, for most of it anyway. I wanted to take a vacation trip during the theoretical non-busy weeks here in between quarters, but as it turns out, NOOOOOOOOOOOO. I gather the entire summer/foreseeable future is going to be like this too.

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