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2003-06-05, 6:39 p.m.

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Tonight was the last ASL class *sob* *sniff* The teacher did tell us that he tried to get money back from the EC for us because it was their fault we were shafted a class, but they apparently wouldn't give back very much at all so he gave up. Sheesh. Well, he tried.

It was fun. He brought in food (which his daughter of course proceeded to dump all over the floor, but at least not until we'd gotten our fill), and read us kiddie stories. Goodnight Moon and something called Time for Bed. After he read us Goodnight Moon (which features a lot of mouse, cat, and cow, as I recall), he had us each read a page from it. The funny part was there were five of us there, and the first four pages featured a mouse, a cat, a dog, and another animal I forget, that he'd shown us in the other book. I was the fifth one in and thought, "Oh crap, right as he gets to me it'll get to some word I don't know." Sure enough...but at least he demonstrated "horse" before I had to go at it.

We also walked around campus for awhile while he showed us the signs for things- as usual, had a hard time remembering when it was time to demonstrate them later.

We also were supposed to be performing poems that night. Of course, 3 out of the 5 of us hadn't done it, just me and one other girl. The other girl essentially did "One door closes and another opens." I, on the other hand, got wordy. I had been looking up how to say these things for a few days beforehand, but couldn't find all the words or remember them all smoothly. The teacher helped out- I think I managed to get bonus points for getting crazy and lengthwise.

But next time, I'm doing a haiku.

I will miss this. Sadly, they are not offering ASL during the summer here. I'd like to keep it up on my own, but probably won't do that well at it. I did check out about four books from the library on ASL tonight though. And there's some online lessons I can peruse in more detail- just don't have anyone to practice with. Maybe what I need is one of those CD-ROM's, perhaps one that says the words along with signing them. Maybe then I'd finally "get it."

Would you believe I got asked to be a motivational speaker today?

Dave is now through reading this journal and signed up for the mailing list so he could find out the seekrets (heh). Wow, he had some fun revelations over the last few days, such as the taking-his-name issue. (We're agreed: I'm keeping mine.) I rather feel bad about that- he was all "you should have told me" and I was all "but I didn't want to, bad enough I thought that stuff," etc.

As you can see in the above link, he has not had good news on the getting-unemployment-to-pay-for-school front. Apparently now they are completely out of money (who isn't?) and no longer pay for anyone to go to school. Now, supposedly there is some other program they offer where they will pay for school, but ONLY if you get a job afterwards. However, he hasn't been able to get it confirmed by the head of the place yet, but it's looking like this school would not be participating in that program. Not that I can really blame them after having seen what the tuition is, ouch.

I'm feeling frustrated. It seems like something like this always comes along to smack him back down. It feels like we can never move on with our lives because things are always going back to square one.

So, I now have all of my 3WA merchandise. The bears are cute and fuzzy and naughty, my sticker is cool and already stuck on my bedroom door, and I looooove the briefcase. It's exactly what I've wanted in a briefcase (I had one before, but the thing is enormous and I can barely carry it).

But the tank top *sigh* The tank top, which I ordered in an extra-large because the sizing chart said shirts ran small for women and that was the only one that would accomodate the recent tits o'plenty, is huge. I'm swimming in it. Bra peeks out the side, gaping arm holes, it could be worn as a dress.

I am debating what to do about the situation.

(a) Send it back and beg for a new one. However, I get to pay for the shipping on that, and do I really want to spend more money? Plus I loathe mailing packages when I don't absolutely have to, plus the nearest post office to me will be closed for a few weeks (oh, the joys of the nearest post office being on a college campus). I'm not entirely sure switching it to a large would improve the situation much either given their size charts.

(b) Keep it, do nothing with it, hang on wall as a display or something.

(c) Try to cut it up and resew the thing to actually fit me. I'm considering this one the most, though trying to pin it smaller on me tonight was uh, not going so well. But if I begged for another tank, it would still be pretty large (just not as boob-large) and kinda hangy anyway, so I might as well make an attempt with the sewing machine, eh?

So, here's the semi-official weekend plans for moi:

Friday night: stay in town, see if I can catch the free showing of Merry Wives of Windsor that night. Last year we tried to go and the theater was full early, so I guess I'll just stay on campus or return to it early or something.

Saturday: do lunch with Jackie that morning, then hopefully take the train to Dave's.

Sunday: go to the highland games, I hope.

I would have liked to have brought Dave over here so he could meet Jackie and seen the play and whatnot, but... honestly, Hill gets so dang crabby when he's here of late that it's not seeming worth it. She says it's fine to have him over, then when we're not here goes around leaving cranky notes directed at him all over the place every fucking weekend. Don't open the windows, don't put that there, blah blah pickycakes. Gee, can you get even more cheesed off? I hardly have him here any more and yet she still seems annoyed. Any time I have him here I spend the whole weekend (a) trying to get out of the house as much as possible, and (b) stressing that we're pissing her off just existing.

Obviously, I don't need THAT going on for me right now, so he's not welcome at my home :( Which bums me out and really just isn't fair since I pay half the rent, but it's really not worth the grief I get any more to attempt to please myself in this arena either.

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