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2004-06-05, 11:19 p.m.

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Today was a lovely day.

Had dance class today, which was a Big Deal because the teacher was bringing in a professional accompanist that plays with dance companies and makes up music on the spot. How cool is that? Apparently he's quite the shit because most of our class money goes to paying this guy to come in approximately monthly. Sure enough, he is great with the improv. I think it'd be cool to just have him make up stuff and then have dancers make up stuff at the same time. I will definitely try to make it the next time he comes in.

Even cooler, the teacher invited any students who wanted to come out to lunch with him and his assistant and the accompanist. This was quite fun, complete with Mediterranean food. Never have I been more happy to have an hour between classes to do something like that.

Had wire jewelry again after that, which worked out well. I finished off my necklaces and designed myself a cool pair of earrings involving ear spirals and a cute little mouse bead hanging off them so it looked like the mouse had a long tail that I was using as an earring. Too funny.

And then after that, my CC manager was having an artist's reception. She has a show going on right now, and tons of people came. Yummy food, and she sold a ton of her work. Very impressive! I'm going to miss her when she goes to Japan in August. She is very cool.

After that, I went to the bank, then went and bought a ticket to Harry Potter...for tomorrow morning. I've got my final wire jewelry class tomorrow afternoon, so I need to be out by 3. Which means I have to go line up to get in by 10 (according to the movie people) to go to an 11 a.m. movie, and according to a girl in jewelry class who just saw it, I'll be lucky to get out of it by 2:30.

And after that, uh, I went to another bookstore AGAIN to go buy another astrology book to help me translate the last one I bought. I need to stay the hell away from stores for a week!

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