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2004-06-06, 10:21 p.m.

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Something I forgot to pass on from yesterday: a conversation I had about cooking with another volunteer while at the artist's reception.

Me: "(Artist's name) actually baked stuff herself? Wow. She hates cooking. We don't even do potluck."

Her: "Yeah, I heard about that. Why on earth wouldn't you guys want to do potluck? Potluck is fun!"

Me: "No, it's not. She doesn't cook, I don't cook, another one of us on Wednesday shift doesn't cook, and the other two don't care. Nobody wanted to do it."

Her: "But what do you do for food?"

Me: "Bring our own."

Her: "But it's so much fun to cook!"

Me: "Well, I hate it. I freaked out for hours making that spinach dip yesterday."

Her: "That was good!"

Me: *blushes* "Well, thanks, but see, I freak out over even that. I'm afraid everyone's going to get sick off of it."

Her: "But the best part is sharing your food with others!"

Me: *stares baffledly*

I went to see Harry Potter today. The spoiler nazi's will be thrilled to see that today's entry is not all HP, since it would totally be a spoilerfilled review. However, those interested in that sort of thing can look here.

In between seeing HP and going to my last wire jewelry class, I remembered that I had a coupon for 25% off one book at Borders, ending today. So I went home, fetched the damn thing, and headed off to buy The Jane Austen Book Club...only to find out that hah, it was already 30% off, so coupon doesn't count. The seller guy was very apologetic, and I was all, "Well, it figures, the one time I ever remember I have a coupon in my life and..." But still, even more off than the coupon was, and hardback-hating-me is just happy to be paying $17 and not $24 or some such.

I have had much fun with the wire jewelry in the last few days. Made two sets of chandelier earrings today, and boy, is my left index finger not happy about that. Learning how to work with wire is very useful.

Heather had a fight with her new boyfriend the Cowboy tonight, and hearing about it made me so glad I'm single. It was one of those stupid errors/miscommunication things, where the Cowboy wanted to take her somewhere today but she fell asleep and slept through whenever the thing closed, then when she woke up they proceeded to have one of those "Whatever you want to do/No, whatever YOU want to do"/"Do you actually want to see me or not?" fights that drove her crazy. After that, we had this long conversation about how stuff from past exes always backs up on you when you get a new boyfriend, and how being single is really not all that bad. Not to mention that she's completely flaked out on all of her classes ever since the Cowboy came into her life, since he always tries to persuade her cutely to go out with him instead of attending. I'm all, this is why I don't take much of anything when I'm dating.

I just felt so relieved to not be dealing with juggling couples' crap after watching this. Watching Sex and the City lately certainly pays into that feeling too. I just watched the episode where Miranda and Steve have breakup #2 after he wants a baby and gets a puppy instead, and I keep thinking, "Damn, I'm so like Miranda. How the fuck did she end up with a baby and a husband when she didn't seem to want either much?"

Frankly, if I ever get involved with anyone again, he's just going to have to be too perfect to pass up, because otherwise I ain't interested in anything heavy and heartbreaky. Heather preaches the joys of casually dating around without major involvement and highly recommends it. This is normally not my thing- I'm normally the girl who desperately wishes she could have met The One at sixteen and have never been with another man- but for once it appeals. This has kind of been a "Hey, there's some cute boys around" weekend, even if the longest conversation I've had with anyone with a penis was a strange guy that was too old and I think he was just bored out of his mind waiting around for some friend of his to show up at the reception. But scenery at least is nice, even when I have no interest in uh, picking a flower to take home or whatever.

Oh, did I mention that I got my gerbil back, and a present along with her to boot? Jess found one of those Chinese-takeout purses on vacation, that's purple, and with matching change purse. Too cute, especially when I put the gerbil in it.

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