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2019-06-06, 10:03 p.m.

Brief Wednesday commentary:

I did not sleep for shit Tuesday night. Probably a combo of late night bouncy hyperness and it being very hot here right now, but I just laid around dozing and then finally probably nodded off around 6 because I had a dumb dream about a woman with a lot of hair on her neck. Say it with me, dreams are dumb!

I dropped off my car and it will be gone at least overnight. I’m told it’s a pipe issue. Therefore, I did not go to writer’s group as I had planned and did not do too much.


Never did get the car back or hear about it, but since I had to work all night, I didn’t have time to go get it anyway.

I love this article (Washington Post) on Why crowded meetings and conference rooms make you so, so tired. I wish I could send it to my boss and get somewhere with doing that, but I know better there.

I also saw this article on Kim Kardashian’s daughter’s dead hamster and naturally thought, why didn’t she just bring in a new one? I passed this on to Hamster Girl and she said, “why can’t they just be adults about it and buy a replacement hamster? They even have assistants to do it for them!” Ya damn right.

Spent the night at the Craft Center--it was last night before a 2-week close-- and we spent the evening doing Buzzfeed quizzes such as Pick A Food In Every Color and We’ll Guess Your Hair Color (legit accurate!) and figuring out what kind of obscure kitchen appliance you are (such as an automatic donut factory). Why do these things exist?

We also learned moral lessons such as Janna saying, “You know what I learned today? If you don’t like spaghetti, you are a responsible black man.” I can’t even explain or remember which quiz this was.

The worst and weirdest one that we found, however, was, I SHIT YOU NOT, Build Your Dream Burger And Find Out If You Had A Secret Twin You Ate In The Womb. Even worse, someone (not me) came out with the answer “You were supposed to be triplets, but you ate them both.”

There was also much conversation over insulting animals, such as dolphins, dogs, and pandas (okay, hard to defend when pandas are kinda dumb and hard to keep alive, fed and breeding), and that the Hooters International Pageant is a thing that exists, and talk about birds, such as Janna on comorants: “I get all the ladies with my sweet gargles.”

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