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Subvert the Dominant Prom Paradigm!

2006-06-08, 3:44 p.m.

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This quarter's CC party theme was "Bad Prom." I cannot tell you how excited I was to get to go to a "Bad Prom." Really, isn't it an awesome idea? Nobody HAS to spend tons of money, nobody HAS to bring a date, you can fuck off and do as you like! Awesome! (Alas, no booze at a school event, but you can't get everything.)

I planned my outfit for weeks, including getting a lacy bridesmaid's-type dress from the thrift store (people kept asking me, "Are you supposed to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast?" I guess so...), tons of cheap blingy jewelry, a tiara, and tons of gold glitter. Because when I go to prom, there HAS to be gold glitter.

The outfit was a hit. I'd say that most of the chicks dressed up for it. I particularly enjoyed the girls who came in 80's prom wear and/or hot pink. One girl came in 1950's prom wear. One girl wore her eighth grade graduation dress, which she was popping out of at top and bottom, and went around pouting and posing and saying she wanted to be like that hooker in Risky Business. One lady stuffed a pillow up her dress and went as pregnant. One chick brought a stuffed frog along as her date. I had to borrow her frog and pose for a picture with me kissing it. Because that's what happens when I go to prom, too.

Even a few guys dressed up. Some wore ties (along with T-shirts), some wore sport coats, and a few enterprising souls actually dug up ugly pants and shirts to wear. I made sure to compliment them on that. One of them in return gave me a thumbs-up and then proceeded to do an odd dance. The CC is like that.

The place was decorated in hot pink and silver (theme: "Crafting the Night Away"- I stole a decorative star as a memento), complete with disco ball and a photo wall to stick people up against for photos. You should see some of the poses of these pictures, and since I didn't have my camera I will be harassing people who took photos for 'em.

At one point one of the refreshment tables actually fell down and the punch and all the food went careening to the floor. The head manager just yelled out, "BAD PROM!" and everyone ran to take photographs of it.

And then there was the karaoke. Someone had gotten ahold of a Playstation 2 karaoke game, and the karaoke kept going until 9 p.m. when the girl in charge of it demanded that she have it back so she could go home. Yes, I sang in public. Several times. Without booze. (Something else I haven't done since high school.) The amusing thing is that according to the game, I'm a good singer who stays on key! (On "easy" judging, anyway.)

It was a BLAST. Best CC party ever. Even topping the Deathmatch party, even topping the henna-and-tie-dye fest. WHEE!!!!!

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