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Preparing for Blackouts

2019-06-09, 9:36 p.m.

Oh, the next cast party has been set for mid-August. So far the only public RSVP’s have been me and Vinnie. I really hope some people have RSVP'd privately or else this won't be happening, I fear.

I left my mom’s house and did some shopping at the mall on the way back. I bought a shit ton of stuff:
(a) Lego minifigs and a case to hold them in.
(b) Four notebooks, one of them being a present for Sarah because I spotted the notebook that has the same logo as her favorite water bottle. I asked her if she wanted it and she said yes, I was thinking about you too, I miss you, karaoke later. Awwwww. And a patch that says “Crafty Lady.”
(c) The Daria “I Hate Everybody” rainbow shirt because I finally found it in person.
(d) More fake butterfly tattoos for Mom because she already lost the ones I bought her (sigh).
(e) A new iPod Touch.

I have my old iPod Touch from when it first came out still. It actually still works pretty well except that the computer I set it up with is now mostly dead and therefore I can’t sync it with the new one or else lose all the playlists, and the jack has been deteriorating for years.* I had it repaired some years ago and it slightly improved but has gotten worse again and nobody can really fix those, I’ve been told. At this point I can’t plug anything into the device at all and the only way I can listen to music is if I just have it playing with nothing in, and I really miss being able to listen to music on my headphones and shutting out the world. Especially now since I am on a music bent. I recently heard that yes, they still sell the things and have upgraded them and sell them in colors, so I hit the Apple Store and got a pink one.

* You know how like 95% of headphone jacks are stiff straight ones? Turns out those are bad for your jacks when you remove them. Why is it so hard to find angled jacks?

After that I had to get back home by 3 because while in the show yesterday, I had a message left on my phone by the car repair place, as the poor clerk had forgotten to charge me for the hose repair, just had done the oil change. We were apparently both fuzzy on whether or not that had happened at the time. She was super grateful I came back in (well, who wouldn’t be) and said she’d give me $10 off every time I come in from now on. Awww, what a sweetie.

After that I did various errands like picking up groceries, more water, flashlights, a portable charger...all of that for when we are forced to have the power out for 48 hours to god knows how long in the future. PG&E threatened this weekend to turn the power off here on Saturday (or just on days of high fire risk IN GENERAL, ALL SUMMER LONG THIS WILL HAPPEN) and said we had to sign up for updates. This is pretty much why I decided to spend the night at Mom’s, but it did not go off this week. According to other notification things I have had to sign up for in 2019, there is some fire “around here” that is 0% contained, but I have no verification on that one.

Tomorrow is supposed to be something like 106 so I assume the power will go off then? We will see if it goes out at my work or not, as the rumor mill seems to indicate they might be “too big” to have that happen. Plusses and minusses to that one. I’d love it if we had to close the office because we can’t work with no power, but 106 with no AC and then going home to no power or AC, ‘nuff said. My power was out for about a half hour a few days ago (fluke thing, I think, not deliberate blackout) and I am not even bothering to reset the microwave until after this next heat wave/fire/whatever is over.

It’s unnerving to hear the resident pedant on the work Slack saying stuff like “make sure you have gas in your car at all times, I saw tons of dead cars when there was no way to get gas.” So yeah, I got my gas and I’m probably as reasonably prepared as I am likely to do.

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