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2020-06-09, 9:39 p.m.

Dreamed I saw Scott last night (he was in a pirate outfit, under a tree...I have no explanation for this), we hugged and then I woke up. GRRRRRRRRRR.

Well, my therapist has disappeared again. I had another training meeting scheduled until 11:30, managed to get Tigress to change it so I could leave early and actually GET therapy, and never heard from said therapist. I texted and called. I don't know what to do any more. I don't know what is going on.

I am just literally not as functional in my brain as I am supposed to be right now. I cannot process everything that I have to. Had six hours of training today (i.e. "going over the emails,"), because apparently now we're doing SIX HOURS OF TRAINING A DAY NOW.

And all I did for the other two hours was more emails, and I am super goddamned fried and Mom kept calling over and over again about the taxes. No, I don't remember how much I paid for that, no, I don't remember where to find that information, PLEASE STOP ASKING ME I'M REALLY NOT KIDDING I CANNOT PROBLEM SOLVE THIS. I CANNOT SOLVE PROBLEMS RIGHT NOW. I AM OUT OF BRAIN SPACE.

Though a random lady from yesterday (regarding the whole "no, I don't have time to key a thousand records" thing) I don't even know offered to key them for me. I don't know if she'd be allowed to and had to refer her to my supervisor, but that is SO NICE of her. Virtual hugs and hearts to you, new friend!

About the one good thing of the day: Tigress's daughter and Coworker Sarah's daughter had a spontaneous dance-off behind their moms while on Zoom. Adorable.

I forgot Meg's about ten days. She seemed unfazed when I asked, but still. She wants to do Transformation Game sometime, though she says her schedule is busy, so we'll see. I could probably use it.

Because otherwise I don't really have anything to talk about today and I'm doing so I need some more words, here are the potential questions I came up with for the talkback after Dropping Bombs:

When I read this script, even though it's not like my mom has that particular quirk of dropping bombs, I felt like the play was very familar to my life. Like I felt like I've been Kate and I do feel like I channel my mom a bit while playing Leah. Which made me wonder: how much of this might be based off real life inspiration?

We also had some questions that we were wondering about with regards to the plot and timeline:
* How did Leah try to kill herself the first time?
* Why did Leah and her husband get divorced?
* What is the timeline of this story? We were trying to figure it out since Kate was at least old enough to watch the Muppet Movie in 1981, but she seems to have the impression that Leah's issues were based on the social repression of her time, so we were wondering if this takes place a bit farther in the past, or what exactly.
* How much farther in the future does the ending take place in?

* I know I have my theories as to why Leah's decided to tell Kate about her suicide attempts, but what was your intention?

Straight up silly ones I suggested to have the audience say:

* What has the server acted in on the ship?
* Is he really into key lime pie?
* What kinds of things do you think he's seen on the ship?
* Is trying to couch bad news in a positive manner a good way to make something less painful, or just totally ridiculous? Compare and contrast it to the "compliment sandwich" method of delivering bad news that is used in many corporate environments to deliver non-positive feedback. Does that work any better than interrupting a movie?
* How would you suggest someone break bad news to a small child about the death of her dog? Should you buy her food she doesn't like while you do it?
* After the play, do you think Leah stopped trying to drop bad news during happy activities?
* Will Kate be suspicious any time Leah suddenly develops a craving for cheap tacos?
* Do you agree with Kate at the end that a cruise ship was the best place to tell her about suicide attempts? Why or why not?
* What kinds of technique do you use to not blow snot all over everything while fake crying?

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