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Packing Overload

2004-06-11, 10:09 p.m.

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Packing tonight. Ten days' worth of clothes. I was going to pack all pairs of shorts until I checked the weather reports- the entire time I'm gone the weather will be 70 degrees. Argh.

Packed my binder of novel stuff, though I doubt I'll ever get any time to actually WORK on it. I figure I might as well bring it since I'm bringing the laptop to watch DVD's on.

Packed my binder of beading stuff, and printouts of crochet patterns I found onine, and several bead magazines. Doubt I'll get much time to work on those either, but what the hell, I'll get to sit around Grandma's bored enough. We have the Pimpin' Van, they can afford to shove in another bag of mine.

Packed my Netflix Frontier House DVD's, which thankfully arrived in time to go. Am thinking about packing a few VCR tapes, since the Pimpin' Van has VCR capability.

Packed a lot of books. I am not kidding on this. I have an enormous list.

* Bought especially for this trip from Dumping Billy, What Should I Do With My Life?, The Book Of Joe, Dress Your Family In Corderoy and Denim, I Love Everybody, Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, Club Dead. I just got the last four of those. Total ebooks: 8. Lots of 10% discounts.

* Bought especially for this trip from Time After Time, An Accidental Goddess, Gabriel's Ghost, The Dark Lady. Total books: 4. At least those were on big sale.

* Bought especially for this trip from the local bookstores, which means they have to be PHYSICALLY packed: Necessary Dreams, Jane Austen Book Club, Miles, Mystery and Mayhem; This Lullaby, A Falling-Down Sky, Flying Solo. Total books: 6, almost all not on sale.

* Books I already had in my TBR pile: In Her Shoes, Cretaceous Sea, Deep Blue Sea, Man Hunting, Strange Bedfellows. Total books: 5.

* Trashy-ass romance novels I ordered back when I was on the road trip with Hill and have never read: six (do the names really matter? I think not; it is girl porn).

That's 29 books, people. And I think there's probably some stray free ebooks I have on the laptop for in case of emergency too. Then again, I read at roughly 100 pages an hour, say there's 12 or more hours of boredom a day, so... I can't do the math, but I'm trying not to finish all the books before I get home the way I usually do when going on a trip. This is longer than I usually go anywhere for too.

Also packed: one gerbil, one camera. One phone, not for being able to actually call friends, but to attempt to post to my LiveJournal to. Ditto the Palm. If I can update and get reception and get any time alone, I'm going to try to put my whine 'n bitch there.

I'm not having a pleasant night. The wisdom tooth naturally picked NOW to really act up, and it's been feeling really funny since around 3:30-4 p.m. I've been walking around the house with a lot of ice attached to my jaw. Great timing to (a) leave the state to go to one where my insurance is worthless, and (b) be on the road for days with no ice. Mom told me to pack a lot of Excedrin, like I don't already. Grrrreat.

I'm enjoying my last night of peace and quiet for a long damn while. I know I should be doing the dishes and taking out the trash because it's not getting done while I'm gone, but I'm too tired. Hell, I need to take a pre-trip non-hotel shower and I still haven't done that. Oh well, given the tooth I probably won't be sleeping tonight. Why yes, I AM an idiot for not wanting to have gaping holes in my mouth made much sooner than this.

You know, in a way I kind of hate vacations even when they're something good. It's a massive load of preparation to go, trying to think of everything I might possibly need while gone. Plus I'm completely cut off from the Internet and everybody I know the entire time. I hate that especially. This is probably the longest "vacation" I've gone on ever, and for such unpleasant circumstances.

Wish me luck, if any is there to be had.

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