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2008-06-11, 4:11 p.m.

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So, I went away for a week to visit Jess during the week she had free after her finals week (she is doing paralegal school HARDCORE like you wouldn't believe) and before she went off to do stuff with the kids. All things considered, I really should go visit SoCal in June rather than any other dang month I've done it. People told me about the June Gloom and there was NONE of that to be seen while I was there.

We went to Disneyland, and as per my usual I was all "yay" to that. I managed to restrain myself more than when it came to souvenir shopping, since I will be doing Disney again in a few months. I actually had pretty good restraint for the entire trip. Didn't buy too many books, didn't go buy out Hilo Hattie's the way I always do when I'm down there, didn't buy too many beads. Go me for having restraint.

I also went to my first gay bar while down there, which was fun. Jess made friends with a guy who's also in paralegal school, and we went out drinking with him and his fiance. The latter fellow has some VERY entertaining stories about celebrities, lemme tell ya. Other than nobody got down to dancing while I was there, it was pretty ideal when it came to a bar- good music and yet you could still hear the conversation, there was a pool table, the drinks were good, and no creeps hit on me. Awesome. I would so do that again. Incidentally, there was ONE straight couple in there next to us, and the guy was wearing a shirt that said, "OF COURSE IT'S BIG. Big Sur, California." I am not making this up.

Anyway, there's a few entries coming up that I wrote while down there after this one. Yay for post-dating entries.

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