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The Most Interesting Woman In The World

2019-06-11, 5:12 a.m.

Today Lioness told me that today, when she was asking again for a semi-private office (“there’s three available now!”), she asked why we couldn’t when others on our level (all the ones on medical leave) got their own and got “I don’t have an answer for that.” This somehow surprises me not at all, and I essentially said something like “that’s because we’re clerical worker peons.” “I’m not a peon and neither are you,” she said.

I don’t know what to say to that. It’s a nice idea but not true in my experience. I am also deeply concerned that she’s picking a fight on her and my behalf. On the one hand I would like it if she won, but on the other hand, I know what happens to those who do and ah, they don’t stay here. I categorically don’t want to get into the fight for that reason, which I am pretty sure Lioness knows since I’ve told her various things along the lines of “I don’t want to be a problem child here any more.” To which she said yeah, you’re usually outnumbered on these things. I gather she also told our boss that I won’t say anything but...well, you know. Sigh.

I found out that the fellow who died over the weekend died of heart failure. That seems wrong somehow.

As for karaoke: Pyrate Matthew was back, thank goodness. Robert and Janene (apparently they live together...I don’t think they seem to have romantic vibe going on but now I am slightly curious) were hiding out from the days long power outage going on at their house. I don’t know if it’s a deliberate PG&E outage or what there, but geez. Sarah and Scott came in around 9ish and Sarah made it memorable:

(a) “I blew off a date to come here.”
(b) The guy that she was boinking “turns out to be a drug addict with a girlfriend. I made friends with the girlfriend. I’m also going to date women from now on. I don’t know how long that resolution’s going to last.” (Probably about five minutes, I suspect, on the last bit.)

I also gifted her with the notebook I got her over the weekend and she looooooooved it. Yay. It’s so rare that I actually get anyone something they actually like, y’know?

I also asked her about whatever hippie self-improvement thing she went to last week and she then told Scott and I we should go to this. I had to get up to sing at that point and missed the response, so I asked her what happened after and she did an imitation of uncomfortable guy shrug-type stuff. Yeah, sounds right.

Two weeks ago (with no karaoke at the time) we talked about dueting to “I Touch Myself,” which I did get her to do tonight. I was pretty well amused doing it, but she said afterwards she was embarrassed at doing it, but it was glorious. “I do brazen stuff all the time, I’m Sarah!” But doing this song “in front of people I’ve known for a year” was embarrassing, apparently. To which I was all, hey, I’ve only known ‘em a few months myself. And well, clearly I have no shame. And suspect everyone else was politely ignoring it anyway!

We also had a conversation about uh...what kind of energy level I am? Low or medium or high? I still got confused on this one and am not sure if it’s a level of friendship thing or just level of wall-bouncing. She decided that we were two Jays with no Silent Bob. That seems legit.

Pam and her friends/husband came in tonight as well and while they sat at their own table, she did come by and say hi. And to hug me around the neck and announce to the entire table that after watching me from afar when we still worked at the same organization, she thinks I’m the most interesting woman in the world and compared me to, no joke, The Most Interesting Man In The World. I was all, “well, I’ve read his book, so that’s very flattering.” I don’t think I quite qualify exactly by comparison, but what the heck.

Sadly, I had a “spirit of the staircase” moment. I don’t normally do that sort of thing, but I recently ordered some mini-business cards with my contact info, name and “that weird but interesting girl you met somewhere or other” (seems appropriate to my life when I like, run into people who think they saw Bigfoot or banged a bunch of rock stars, etc.) that I plan on handing out at the storytelling conference, or well, if I have any other situations come up where I need to hand out something like that since I tend to not have paper (when I always have paper!) when someone asks for that stuff. And I remembered those cards, since I stuck a few in the wallet, and was all “I should give that to Pam, she’d be amused.” Except by then she’d taken off, dammit. I then had to explain what I was referring to and ended up handing out the cards to everyone. That comment got a big laugh!

As for cards, I found a deck of Cards Against Humanity in the bar and brought that over to our table, which people then proceeded to have a lot of fun with. This also led to the discovery that Sarah “has a fetish for Santa” and her ex-husband looks like a younger version of him. We are so Team Unicorn, her and I, in such odd ways.

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