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Friday the Thirteenth

2003-06-13, 5:19 p.m.

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Figures that it was both Friday the Thirteenth and the advent of a full moon all at once today.

And to think that the last time there was a Friday the Thirteenth in June I was graduating from high school and having a blast, then.

I actually started the day in a good mood, bopping along to one of my CD's at work, la la la. Dave came online...and got a call from Scott.

Was he calling to apologize for calling Dave a loser? Not really. More like, calling to tell Dave that I was a liar and was lying about that whole "apologizing for introducing us" thing. Uh, yeah, there were three witnesses to that- me, Demma, and Hill- and one of them isn't biased here.

Dave was not pleased to hear this and said something to him along the lines of "I'm tired of hearing stories from everybody and yours is the only one wildly varying from everyone else's," and hung up.

A few minutes later, I got pissy e-mail and an AIM message from Demma saying along the lines of "well, if this is how you want to end a supposed friendship, fine by me."


I would have preferred for it to not get to this point. She was my second-oldest friend, and lord knows I am not good at maintaining a friendship past two years. I had no problems with her. Heck, I wouldn't have had much of a problem with Scott except for the damn lying thing. I'm not a person who insists that everyone tell me the truth and nothing but, but going around deliberately telling people things that are harmful...that's where I gotta draw the line. And frankly, all of his attempts to break Dave and me up of late with stuff like this and other things I haven't even mentioned here are getting on my nerves.

But either way, this was going to be over pretty soon because of him. Either there'd be a blowup like this or Dave and I would have continued to avoid Scott (and thus Demma by association) and have it go to hell that way. But at least that way maybe if she ever got fed up herself we could have been friends again. I don't think that could happen now though.

I can't blame her. It's gotten to the point where we all must pick sides, and she's gotta pick his and I've gotta pick mine. I'm guilty by association here, sadly. He's her first serious relationship, he's the first guy to ever love her instead of treating her like a one-night-stand or something. I have my doubts she'd be finding anyone else that wants marriage any time soon.

At this point, we're probably better off not dealing with this mess, or having our lives thrown into turmoil because we just heard that some friends had some horrific thing happen to them and then find out later it wasn't true, etc., etc... but it's a bummer for me anyway.

And the day got worse from there.

Last night Dave was notified that oh, by the way, they found cancer in your grandma's lungs and liver, and she's probably got about a year to live. Apparently she's probably had this for like a year and it only got diagnosed this week. Oh, and his grandfather's kidneys aren't doing so well to boot- 25% function. Fortunately, that at least got caught in time.

While lord knows, Dave has had his problems with his grandma (they don't seem to like each other too much), he's still kinda freaking.

Today she went into the hospital with pancreatis and liver failure. She's slightly improved, from "going to die today" to "probably won't survive the weekend" to "okay, she's got a month," (throughout one day, mind you, can you say roller coaster?) but prognosis is still terminal. At one point Dave told me that "she's gone", and I read that as "she's dead." Uh, apparently not. I feel like a fool for spouting that in chat and then finding out he meant "she's gone" as in "it's terminal" or something.

From what I've heard, Dave's mom is pretending nothing is wrong, his dad is a total wreck (his mother died of the same thing), his brother's gone into Medical Mode and his grandfather's kinda in shock. Relatives are supposed to be coming in tomorrow. I asked if I shouldn't come and the answer was "come"- I suspect she just wants someone to babysit Dave or something.

The weekend is not promising to be fun, huh?

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