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Pocketful of Sunshine

2011-06-15, 9:33 a.m.

Summer has finally come! It's not raining! It's above 80 degrees! FINALLY! It just feels so ... right.

Because I am trying not to take a real actual vacation this year--I want to get the vacation pay if they lay me off, that should cover a month's rent and unemployment ain't gonna do that-- I am in the awkward situation of nearly topping out of my vacation hours every month. Much as I loathe the term "staycation" because I tend to think if you're not gonna go to work you might as well not be in town, I have been forced to do it a bit here and there (I took a "craftcation" in April just to spend 7.5 hours doing layout for this quilt), leave a few hours early, etc.

So Monday was a "staycation" day for me because I had to burn a day before the 15th.

Did I mention that the pool at my apartment complex has literally been condemned by the Board of Health? With official paperwork and signatures and everything? As far as I can tell, it's because the pool deck has cracks here and there. I hadn't noticed this approximately ever (and since it's been far too frigid for anyone to swim, I doubt anyone's even been in there since September), but they are now ripping up and replacing the deck.

Naturally, they decided to start this on my day off, with JACKHAMMERS at 8 a.m. I guess we should be lucky that they waited that long. No swimming this summer!

So... yeah. I spent most of the day out of the house. And it was marvelous. Just basking outside in the sunshine, puttering, knitting, whatever. And it was finally warm enough to wear shorts all day and not have any damn layers to get in and out of, yet not excruciating either.

I get tired of having to spend all day indoors in the summer. It's fine during the 9 months of rain that we get now apparently, but I just wish I had the OPTION of outside for longer than 15 minutes in the morning and afternoon and an hour at lunch. What a waste of a pretty day to get sealed off in a building.

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