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Temporary Car, Cat, Apartment

2012-06-14, 10:41 a.m.

So one of my friends (introduced here, also went on these trips here and here, but without a name) is going to be out of the country for almost 3 weeks.

(Note: I normally refer to folks by their given, probably-fairly-generic first names here. But this friend has an unusual, easily-figured-out-that-it's-her-online name. I think I'm just going to refer to her as L here, so my silly-ass journal doesn't come up along with her job credentials in online searching or whatever. You never know any more, right?)

Anyhoo, L has a cat. The cat is a people person and very needy and is generally pretty unhappy when L goes out of town for a weekend or a week...and a week seems to be about her threshold for tolerating being alone. Which she doesn't do very well anyway. L's apartment manager is usually the one who checks on the cat so she's got food and water and whatnot, but L was looking for someone who can go over to her place frequently and just hang out with the cat and give her affection and keep her sane. Which I am totally up for doing--it's not like I've got major plans in June that don't involve the gym, driving to Sac and/or going to craft fairs here and elsewhere.

She is also letting me use her car while she's gone. No, seriously, that was her idea. I even told her about the scratch the other day and she stared at me funny and was all, "...It's a scratch." Clearly most people I know these days do not have the attitude about scratching that my dad did back in the day--he would have blown a gasket to forever (and did the one time I did scratch a car). So she wasn't fazed by my driving, gave me her keys and the details of how to hang out in her place and entertain the cat.

We went out to dinner and the movies last night, followed by me learning how to work her car and where stuff is in her place. I attempted to meet the kitty, but kitty is in a snit because she sees L packing her suitcases YET AGAIN. I have been warned that she'll come around since she generally likes people, but dramatic puking or something may ensue in protest after L leaves. Oh well, that's cats for ya. Also, L told me where the catnip is, should I decide to deploy it.

L has a very nice TV, a fun bookcase to go through (someday she'll have to go through mine as well, we have similar enough reading interests and craft book interests), and she has cable! Since I am too cheap/lazy to pay for and get cable. I think I'll indulge myself in watching some of those cable shows I otherwise won't see for a year until they're out on DVD. Dallas, anyone? Very exciting to me.

So yeah, I TEMPORARILY HAVE A CAR (and a cat, and two apartments...okay, that last one shall be a little odd)! For like, weeks on end now! Whatever shall I do with it? Well, besides drive between our places, anyway. I'm plotting going to yet another craft fair and the mall again this weekend, since there is wedding shopping to be done. I have several wedding-appropriate dresses (choices, choices), but I need to see if I have matching shoes around.

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