Chaos Attraction

In Which I Make A Weird Omelet

2020-06-15, 11:13 p.m.

Today's morning staff meeting was a sad downer, with reminders of protests happening, how one shouldn't actually be going out to physically protest (and then I found out a thousand people were doing it in my town), how literally nothing is safe and you shouldn't be going out and people who work in restaurants are asking you not to go, and nobody is wearing a mask anywhere and don't go to Disneyland.

On a related note, Lioness is insisting on throwing a 50 person birthday party for her grandson who hasn't had a party in 2 years. "It'll be outside, and I hope they don't all come at once." ..... I.... can't.... even.... All I can say is that it's a good thing my most social coworkers aren't permitted to go into the office. Also, how are they all managing not to catch it?! I swear to god, most of them are living life like nothing happened, except they work from home. Otherwise they toddle off to stores, go hike, have guests over, send a kid on trips, what the fuck ever, and everything's cool! Why the hell do I work so hard to keep myself safe if everyone is totally fine doing whatever, man?

....Oh, right, because in two weeks a ton of people will be sick, that's why.

Lioness was somehow not at the meeting on Thursday and thus it had to be recapped as "we are at the mercy of the hiring committee" and "what does be creative mean?" translates into "figure it out for yourselves."

Penguin Girl, running this morning's meeting, tried to end it on a positive spin: "We're all alive, we all work up this morning, our families are alive, we're gainfully employed. We're not working in a restaurant." She also mentioned that the outlets are open and "the line at Nike was like Black Friday."

I can't even with this world any more.

This is the best description of a nervous breakdown I have ever seen. So far I've only had stages one and two. I hope I never go far enough for the third.

I felt drained all day but didn't completely lose it. That's as good as it's going to get.

So tonight I decided to make something weird, since for now I actually have ingredients around the house for things. According to the Internet, both "potato chip omelets," and "ramen omelets" actually exist as things. And then I found some article about making "omelet in a bag," and decided to combine all of these things together!

1. Cracked 2 eggs into a plastic bag, mashed them up.
2. Cooked some ramen.
3. Threw ramen, can of mushrooms, cheese, and potato chips also into bag, attempted to mix around. In retrospect, probably needed more eggs to cover all the ramen.
4. Boiled water, threw bag into the water, boiled it for 8 minutes.

It looked like this.

How'd it taste?

Actually, pretty fine. I cannot for the life of me describe the taste of how the potato chips came out. Not crispy still or anything, but...not bad to eat, either? I cannot describe it, other than vaguely sorta breadish? The ramen tasted like ramen. I think the mushrooms and eggs mixed together the best at the bottom of the bag and were the most omelet-ish.

I wrote back more to Kelly the playwright, which is really fun. I'm loving these new pen pals this week, y'all. Writing back to her tonight was the one thing I had to look forward to all day.

Never heard back from Redhead Sarah, though I guess that's not a surprise. Talking to her is like trying to catch a butterfly. I am disappointed that I can't follow up on what was going on with her, though. I sent a few texts, but no response, I also tried texting my shrink to ask if she's alive, but since I did that at midnight her time, who knows.

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