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Moi, Fleeing A Jewelry Store?

2003-06-16, 6:59 p.m.

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Weekend update:

Went on Hill's dad's boat Saturday morning to investigate sheetmaking possibilities. I was worried that he had no idea that people online could, in fact, make boat sheets, but not to worry, he knew and that kind of thing was not what he was looking for. Phew. More like, a custom sheet for each of the 3 cushions that made up the spare bed, instead of straining to put one over all three. Makes sense to me.

Incidentally, for a smallish looking boat, I'm amazed he's got a whole kitchen and two bathrooms and two bedrooms on it! Three beds! Too cool! I wanna boat! (And a castle, and a bunny, and a pony, and...okay, okay.)

Then I headed off to Teri's graduation party, and I have to say, her mom put on a HUGE spread, I was impressed. Food-o-rama. I did feel kinda lame being the oldest person in the room not related to Teri (and did Dave have to mention that?), but nobody much noticed, thank gawd. We had a big ol' balloon game going on for awhile, and owww, my thighs now. There was also some viewing of Minority Report, which well, is NOT a movie you should see if you are remotely squeamish about eyes. I had to run out of the room several times, and even that didn't prevent me from finding out the answer to "How did you get in here?" Ew. Did not need to see that after eating.

I have to say though, I found it rather sad that out of oh, 25, 30 people that came to this thing, Dave and I were the ONLY ones who do not smoke. Yeesh, there were fifteen-year-olds puffing away every half hour. What has the younger generation come to, I ask ya?

Not much happened with regards to Dave's grandma- on the one hand, now there's cancer in three organs and the estimate has gone to "six months to live if she survives pancreatis", on the other hand, she was starting to recover from the pancreatis. (Now, however, she's having some kind of drug reaction and uh, not so much.) Dave's mom was weird about it- she griped at him about visiting her when we got in from the party Saturday night, then took off early Sunday morning without taking anyone with her. Uh, whatever?

Instead, we ended up doing minor errands and well, me insisting on us going to this jewelry store I'd heard about that was supposed to do cheap custom claddagh rings. We had car access for a change, and the place was too far to get to via the usual routes, so I wanted to see it while the opportunity arose.

You know what I hate about shopping sometimes? When you want to go into an expensive-item store just to look around and NOT buy today, and when you walk in, (a) it's DEAD empty, except a salesperson, and (b) the salesperson is very, very bored and is DYING to help you, or at the very least follow you around the room or something. I don't feel like I can just look, pressure-free, when I'm asked if I need help the second I walk through the door. Uh, no, how about waiting until I come to you after having SEEN the merchandise first, please? I also don't like being the ONLY focus of attention in a room, especially if I'm trying to think about something.

In other words, I immediately got the wiggins, looked around the store as fast as I could possibly do so (no claddaghs in sight, grr, and frankly I did NOT want to ask when we're not likely to buy soon), and fled like a thief in the night.

Yeah, I'm so mature. Maybe I would go back to that place later, but not unless I had fat wads of cash around so that I could actually shop instead of waste people's time.

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