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People Like Weird Shit In California

2019-06-16, 8:17 p.m.

Pirate Festival today!

“Celebrity” costume sightings today: Er, ever notice if you go to geeky things some folks will still dress up as a character even if the character might not have anything to do with the theme of the show? (Worst example: Negan at the Dickens Fair.) I wonder if you could do a bingo card of this?

Anyway, characters I saw:
* Santa Pirate, exactly what you think that is.
* The Dread Pirate Roberts and Buttercup
* A Ghostbuster
* Marty McFly’s 1950’s/hoverboard sorta look...with cowboy boots. I figured he was just being wrong with not having sneakers on but while writing this, I thought “Oh, wait, he’s trying to get all three movies in. He’s got the 1950’s vest, the hoverboard, and then the boots. Ohhhhhhh."
* Mal Reynolds (also saw one Jayne hat on a tech guy, but he was not in full garb).
* Someone’s still dressing up as Khaleesi with dragon on her shoulder.

I got various compliments on my outfit and a few remembering it from last year (I had on the mermaid outfit again, but was using my mermaid bustle as more of a cape because it was very windy and fairly chilly in the morning).

I watched the bird show (the bird guy, the Dread Pirate Bob, and his princess still seem happy, yay), the mermaid show in several locations (the adorable gay merman was back, and grew out his hair a bit and looks even better), and I twice watched Captain Jack Spareribs, a guy with a near-dead-on (like if we weren’t in Vallejo I’d think it was Johnny Depp) resemblance to a certain pirate. He said he hadn’t been here in four years but was now doing some tricks with juggling/plate spinning/balancing and cards, and mostly working with puppets.

He starts out the show announcing that (a) he has a talking monkey named Maynard, which he won’t bring out until the end, but (b) he has a QUIET monkey named Bob that he’ll do some stuff with instead. Then after doing a dance number with a kid onstage brought in to help puppet, he also brings out “Bobette” the hula dancing monkey, same thing. At the end he brings out Maynard, who he argues with a lot.

Never before have I ever seen a ventriloquism show in which the ventriloquist straight up explained to the puppet that he was puppeting the puppet (“where’s your other arm?”) and that he was throwing his voice (“Shouldn’t you go try to get it back?”). And after the Captain proved that if he stayed quiet, Maynard could not talk....they promptly switched and then only Maynard could talk and the Captain could not...then Maynard started talking in the Captain’s voice and the Captain could only talk in Maynard’s voice. Very, very clever, dude. Good job.

My main intended activity today, which occurred to me as a thing I should do once I arrived, was to go shopping for a new corset and blouse for Audrey. This is of course assuming we’re going period/”normal for Shakespeare” for the costumes, but since I’ve seen their costume shop and last year seemed to stay pretty period, I decided to go for it and I can always wear it to the faires myself. I have a Renaissance-style blouse (in tie-dye) and pentacle fabric, bodice, but I figured both were inappropriate should we be going period in the outfits because (a) you never know who’s gonna bitch that someone had on a pentacle something and (b) both the blouse and the corset are NOT particularly ah, boobililcious. And I feel that since Audrey’s sex appeal and/or lack thereof (whether you consider her hot enough to bone or an ugly virgin....heck if I know, you guys!) is A Factor here, I feel that I need to have the boobies out on a platter for this show.

Heh heh heh.

Anyway, I went to my favorite corsets/dresses/tops/etc. costume shop that I always lust after but rarely buy anything in and got myself a very nice blue and yellow star-printed bodice and a light blue blouse that’s much more low cut. Boobies be on a platter, y’all. Mischief managed.

I also heard a few funny quotes today. I was sitting on a chair next to an empty chair and got called, “You are the most fabulous woman in the world” for saying that said chair was empty. (That's a really ah, easy designation...if I see Pam any time soon I should let her know this.) I ended up sitting with a group of nice friendly ladies who said, “We’re just a bunch of pirate wenches who fell off the ship.” They invited me out to a bar and karaoke(!) afterwards, but the karaoke didn’t start until 6:30 and I knew if I started I’d be going home hell late and I still had to slog home, so I did not.

I also overheard some guy saying, “It’s California. People like weird shit.” I feel like that should be our state slogan, really.

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