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My Phone Has Text Issues

2020-06-16, 11:14 p.m.

Work was work. The best news to come out of the day was my boss scheduling phone interviews for the new position, which Coworker Sarah said she got. I did not hear from our other temp who told me she was applying as to whether or not she got one (I did talk to her today, but not about that and she didn't bring it up). I was also delighted when my boss had to cancel our one on one for the day so I didn't have to worry about it bleeding into therapy time.

Because yes, I did get a response from asking my shrink, "Are you alive? I'm serious." She said ,"didn't you get my texts that I was unavailable last week?" Um, nope, I did not. We established that any texts she sent from June 2-4, during which she said she wasn't available because she had to fly home, did not arrive on my phone. Anyway, she flew home for her husband's birthday, and then he got canned from his job right after that, and her mother has cancer. So she's not doing well. I guess the best thing lately was that the plane flight was the easiest she's ever done, pretty empty, and she was annoyed to get bumped up to first class and have to sit next to someone. We actually did FaceTime (we normally don't) and I ended up crying on it, of course. Blech.

I have no idea how to fix a problem of not getting texts when I had no idea I didn't get them, y'all. My shrink's theory is that it was one carrier having problems (she said hers is Verizon). Coworker Sarah thinks it's an iPhone issue because when she's sent texts to someone on Android, they show up late, which I can verify since the other weekend I got one in the middle of the night that she'd sent days earlier. And then today Mom apparently sent me a text that I didn't get either. I know I do not want to contact Sprint (yes, I know they had a major outage yesterday, but it didn't affect me and I got texts, and this seems to be SOME texts but not ALL texts) because I have zero hope they can problem solve anything, though.

As for Mom: the text she sent was that Roger's son wants to see him on the 4th of July and she asked if she can come see me. I said no immediately and now feel hella shitty and guilty right now, because what if she dies and I never see her again and I could have? If I was sane, which I am not, I should be all "I am literally the safest person to be around in the world right now, I have no contact with humans and it's been two weeks since I last saw the delivery guy without a mask, I of all people should be able to make an exception for my own mother, who has had only slightly more contact with humans than I have" (though she did have to clean out her work last week and saw someone there).

And then I read stuff like this article, in which quarantining for 14 days did NOTHING and then 22% of Fort Benning got infected, and I think, we don't even know if 14 days of quarantine works. Or if ANYTHING AT FUCKING ALL WORKS, BUT WE DECIDED WE DON'T CARE AND WE'D RATHER CATCH IT NOW.

I have been crying all night. She had to bring this up AFTER I talked to my therapist?! I'm debating emailing her, but the woman has enough problems without my dumping on her when it's not my hour a week.

Okay, I managed to fix the phone via this website, I cleared the cache and deleted some texts and apparently over 100+ of them were not downloaded! Holy shiiiiit. So am trying to deal with all of that. My shrink did try, Sarah did send horrendous unicorn pic ("he looks normal until you squeeze his head and and then he looks angry," very Aggretsuko, I said), others have sent various things (Jackie sent a lot, got some from Shanna right now, also Mauricio, Randall, Beth, Melinda, Lioness sent shorter things) and I feel bad. I think it has hosed a lot of texts since late May or so. Hoooo boy. Well, at least now I feel popular? And am distracted from crying?

Stuff I wrote before the crying jag:

After work I was supposed to be hosting on Zoom a meeting of people on this storytelling mailing list I'm on for alumni of Lisa's classes. This is the one where I never went to any meetings because they held them at 4:30 on Tuesdays, but they wanted to have an online meeting and two weeks ago I was all, fine, I'll host it. Well, everyone forgot. After ten minutes I sent a reminder email and said that if I didn't hear from anyone I was going to shut it down at six. That got one guy in there very quickly, and then we waited around until 6:10 and got no other responses, so we disbanded. (He asked about my work and well, I said things and treated him like my therapist. Oy.) Oh well, whatever. Maybe this group isn't meant to do online meetings, or they all forgot because I scheduled it two weeks ago, or whatever. I don't super care, to be honest. If it goes it goes, if it doesn't, it doesn't, there's an email list.

Oh, speaking of, from my email:

* A music venue I'm on the mailing list of is having live music/donations in the street, but had to send a correction email saying that is NOT A CONCERT, as they have been reminded that concerts are not yet allowed in the county.
* Someone is offering a "Zoomsical" class on "all the ins and out of successfully rehearsing and presenting a musical with students who are not in the same room. Based on the foundation of quality storytelling, this workshop will cover all aspects of your online musical and leave you energized, inspired and ready to tackle your online musical theatre production!" That's sensible.
* I found another theater offering stuff for kids, live and in person, with a nonrefundable amount of money (albeit smaller) being paid for it, starting in July. To be fair, it looks like maybe they were advertising it for months before, but....nah, let's not be fair, this is bad.
* Scott is definitely not doing the next radio play. I guess Saturday nights aren't doable for him. Or whatever.

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