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Hawaii Prep

2007-06-18, 9:48 a.m.

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Father's Day was this weekend. I mostly tried to ignore it.

Most of the weekend involved prepping for Hawaii, in one way or another.

1. I went to the eye doctor. Who was all, "Yeah, you've had those glasses for four years now? Time for new." While on the one hand, the new glasses are fairly spiffy (hot pink...yeah, I know, but I swear they don't come off as obnoxious. They match my sunglasses, oddly), on the other hand, they come in...oh, the day before we leave.

I am not terribly thrilled with this timing. Especially since every time I get new glasses, they always end up hurting my face for a few weeks and I have to go in a time or two to get them re-adjusted. This will not be pleasant in Hawaii.

2. I got my hair done, and had a conversation with my hairdresser about how nice it is to be able to lounge around and relax in Kauai.

3. I went over to my aunt's house to go find out things about the trip, such as "Uh, where the hell is the trip itinerary?" (The answer to this turned out to be, "Uh, we lost it."), and also to discuss packing. Oh, and to find out that "we always get up at the crack of dawn and go all day long because we REALLY want to squeeze in everything. We wake up at 6, is that all right with you?" Suffice it to say, I won't be getting to lounge around in Hawaii. Or apparently sleep much. Especially since the "everyone who isn't going to get sex" contingent all have to share the same room in the condo, apparently. Oh well, at least I'm reasonably sure that two out of three people don't snore. We are apparently staying here, btw. As far as I can tell, given the "uh, what itinerary?" stuff.

4. Over the weekend, various trip-shopping was done, such as looking for new sandals since I was down to one pair, looking for zip-off pants and windbreakers, and uh...some splurging after that. Ahem.

I am currently trying to figure out the whole packing for two weeks thing. I've never gone away for longer than about a week before, so this stumps me. I can't figure out if one of my two suitcases is bigger than the other (one is about an inch deeper and an inch shorter than the other one.... I'm not sure if I want more length or more width here...yes, I can't do math), whether or not to bring the laptop (since they charge for net access, probably not), and whether or not to even BRING pants (according to the relatives, no) or any of my tie-dyed shirts (if it rains every day, definitely not).

The annoying thing is that odds are I am going to have to go back to the Bay Area AGAIN next weekend, so there goes the weekend all to myself WITH NO FAMILY AROUND that I was really looking forward to to figure this packing stuff out. *sigh*

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