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Some Things Change...Some Don't.

2006-06-19, 1:35 p.m.

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This past weekend was graduation weekend in town. They hold the graduation ceremonies over by the gym. And since I was trying to go for seven straight days of gym attendance (rather than the once or twice a week I've done all quarter), naturally I got to see tons and tons of graduates and their parents and their robes and their flowers and their merchandise every time I wanted to go work out for the last four days.

It was pretty depressing. Even besides the usual "people I like are graduating and I'll never see them again, waaah" kind of thing that always happens at the CC, I had constant reminders going on that it's now been five fucking years since I graduated. I have officially been out of college for longer than I was in it, and yet, I'm still here.

Not that I'm complaining that I'm still here- I overheard a girl on the elliptical next to me telling her friend that she didn't want to have to leave here and at least she had a session of summer school left to go before she'd have to, and I related- but now I feel all old. I hate that.

Even weirder on the post-college experience scale was today's lunch, where for someone's birthday we ate at... dum dum dum... the Dining Commons. Which was surprisingly full of people, despite it being a day where nobody is living in the dorms any more. Who knew so many employees thought it was fun to eat in the DC?

I've always been kind of baffled as to why people rave about eating at the DC. I was never very impressed with it when I was stuck eating there for two years. They may offer a good variety of food, but it was all (at best) kinda tasteless, or at worst, just plain tasteless. And really, I can get a better tasting meal for my $5.75 just about anywhere else. But they got a new one that everyone absolutely RAVES about, and that was the one we went to today. I was kinda curious to see if it'd live up to the hype, so what the hell.

My verdict: Even if it's bigger, or has more varieties of food... I still think DC food is DC food. They still had pizza that looked meh, a pasta dish with no freaking sauce on it, burgers, and the salad bar. As per my usual when eating in the DC, I got the salad. I also grabbed a slice of angel food cake that... well, it literally tasted like nothing, and it sure as fuck didn't taste like angel food cake. And I got a slice of pound cake that was only slightly more tasty than the "angel food cake", but at least it had a tad bit of flavor. As usual, the best thing to eat in the joint was the ice cream.

Some things never do change, after all.

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