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Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places: Musical Improv

2015-06-19, 10:42 p.m.

Tonight's "You! The Musical" show was titled "Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places." (Runner up titles were "Drinking Alone" and "My Nanny, The Monkey.")

It turned out to be about movie rental services. Go figure! The first fellow came out singing about how he worked in the porn section at Blockbuster, the second one announced himself as J.W. Netflix and he hates people and he just wants them all to be alone on the couches, and the third guy announced himself as John Redbox and he's going to set up cheap movie boxes everywhere.

So it was kind of a three-handed fight. The two Blockbuster employees (the other one's in love with the porn guy and he doesn't notice even during a 12-hour movie date marathon) are hanging out until they start to notice something's wrong. The Redbox guy and his employee are thinking about the future (she wants jetpacks! What is with you and the jetpacks?!), and the Netflix guy is ignoring his son who desperately wants his attention. (And really, the girl playing the son was fabulous at giving sad puppy eyes, trying to blow kisses and get hugs, do a "catch," etc.).

Eventually Redbox launches, Blockbuster has 8-10b months to close (Redbox will buy 100 copies of Titanic!), and Netflix isn't quite up to streaming yet in 1999, so his wife puts the kibosh on that and makes him go to Hawaii with his son. (Amusingly enough, by the time we see them again, young Travis has taken up texting and pouting like every other kid.) Happy ending!!!!!!

I seriously love musical improv night.

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