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Pre-Trip Drama Eruptions

2010-06-22, 10:33 a.m.

So, longer entry on vacation #2:

I mentioned here that I was ah...working on psychicness. It has been a real lulu so far. I may have actually figured out a way to meditate without having to be in a blank, drooling coma! Huzzah!...of course, I need to get back to practicing this.

Anyhoo, during my trying to pick up psychic information, I got that the vacation was going to go pretty well (it did).

Mom had said that she wasn't going to show up at my house ready for the trip until Sunday morning, as we were supposed to go to my cousins' graduation party that afternoon. Cousin #2 was supposed to have her graduation ceremony Saturday afternoon, but all we'd heard for months (I had multiple conversations with her about this) was that she couldn't get enough tickets for everyone, and since we are third tier on the priority list, we weren't planning on going to that. However, this being my mom and all, I kinda highly doubted that she'd wait until Sunday to show up, leaving me to have a couple of days of peace and quiet before vacation started.

I asked olde psychic powers, I don't know what to call this... if Mom was likely to show up early, i.e. on Friday night (when I was planning on doing something) or Saturday night (knowing Mom, far more likely). The latter response was, "maybe so, don't make any plans for that night."

Oh, so very very much...

Which is to say that Saturday morning, I got up earlyish, went to the gym, went to the drugstore to pick up trip items, la la la, and was starting to eat lunch at 12:55 or so when... Mom barged in the door with her hamster screaming at me for having the phone off. Because oh, btw, last minute change of plans, we ARE invited to the graduation and it's at 2.

Well, I'd had warning, so I just yanked on a dress and changed shoes and grabbed my knitting and went. Whatever. Though I do kind of wonder at olde psychic powers... for not saying, "Hey, she might show up Saturday DAY, btw."

Unbeknownst to me, Mom had somehow semi-severely injured her arm this week, and she has a giant bottle of Motrin. And...she didn't take her pain meds on time Saturday night, so after we got back from dinner she was pretty much down for the count all night. And driving me nuts because she's one of those invalid types who asks for a new thing every 30 seconds and whines that the pillow hasn't been plumped right. By the time we made it to the party the next day, I was pretty well homicidal. I needed some away time from her...and chugged three sangrias in an hour. That really perked me up! Would that I could apply sangria every time she was driving me nuts.

Bizarrely enough, that was about the worst part of the vacation there. We rarely fought after that (other than the occasional fight over map reading). Go figure.

So we left early, stayed in Medford in a lovely hotel, then drove up to Oregon City to stay with Mom's friend from high school. And that's...another kettle of fish altogether, and another entry.

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