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This Is The Sign You Have Been Looking For

2020-06-22, 11:23 p.m.

My boss got her kid's report card in the mail and is super annoyed. For all the shit she's heard all spring about how her kid isn't doing science and isn't doing well and blah de blah, all the report card says is that her her kid participated in online learning. That's IT. Wow, school is even lazier than I was guessing in quarantine.

As for actual work: Oh joy, it's a panic and fear morning! Well, they all are, but this is a special day. We have an official Worst Day Of Problem Solving Problems about four times a year, which Tigress usually has the lead on. Next time it'll be all meeeeeeeeee. Whee. Also they sent out the inevitable "hey, who wants to work less hours?!" email today, which so far only affects me of my current group. Not going to do it until they force me to do furlough hours again. Note the "until." I'll get the pay while I can.

Coworker Sarah said she thinks she bombed her interview. Oh good god. She said she was nervous. I said that since she's a known and liked quantity (or uh, whatever word applies there, I'm brain dead now) our boss knows what she's like already so she's probably okay. Our boss did at least two other of the screening calls today that we know of, as she bounced in and out of our afternoon training.

I got an email from someone saying "Since everything is opening up again, can I come and pick up my Important Documents?" Nope, nope, you can't! Also you are out of your mind thinking it is a good idea to stroll inside anywhere heavily populated like my office normally would be. Also, thanks for reading your email from the beginning of March.
There was another protest in town yesterday. Whee.

I also had to spend the afternoon doing horrendous problem solving. After Tigress is gone? I DO NOT GOT THIS. I DO NOT GOT THIS AT ALL. THIS SHIT IS LITERALLY TOO HARD FOR MY BRAIN TO DO.
Afterwards, I was roasted for the day and needed alcohol.

On the good news side:
(a) I got asked to tell at a Sacramento Storytellers Guild meeting! Huzzah!
(b) Gonna read the fart play on Saturday afternoon.
(c) Signed up for a scavenger hunt on the 4th of July so I have something to do on the day (y'know, other than not seeing my mom).
(d) The jury duty website is still broken, muahahahah fuck that.
(e) I'm kinda drunk now and that helps.

On signs from the universe:

(a) I was looking around for ANY information as to how book drop off works at the library now (they have locked off all of the automated system, but they don't specify: do I have to get out of the car? Do they just get them out of my trunk? Do I have to give up a bag to them? ANYTHING? Nooooooo, they don't say) and there was a picture of the cars lined up for curbside pickup and....guess who took it, someone named "Scott Love." Seriously?! BECAUSE OF COURSE THAT HAPPENS.

Today's Pick A Card: THIS IS THE SIGN YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR (because I have been asking, I was mumbling it behind my mask in the car yesterday), deck 2,
I don't know what deck she was using, but it had interesting cards:
* Unfinished Symphony card--you should revisit what’s in the past, “maybe it’s a relationship.” “There’s more to that experience.” There’s more with this person.
* Building Blocks card: This is a step on your journey. There are specific stepping stones/building blocks and this is part of building up to what you desire/want to manifest.
* Resurrect card: Bring something back from the past, like a friend. “Should I continue with this?” Spirit says keep going, keep doing this thing.
* Card of Wisdom: asking the opinion of someone who has more wisdom than you.
* Masculine card: Yang energy. Taking Action. Spirit is saying going for it, taking action. “It isn’t the time for pondering things. Take massive action is what I’m hearing.”
* Storytelling card: if you’re planning on telling your story, this is very heavily indicated here.
* 4 of Pentacles: You're holding on too tightly to a particular outcome for things to work out and it’s creating resistance.
* Magician card: divine timing at play. Your manifestation is coming true.
* 9 of Cups--your wish will be fulfilled.
“I see you overcoming this stuck energy.”

Seriously, why does it go so easily with some people of late (Shanna and Kelly, yessssssss) and yet I can't even talk to you-know-who?

Tonight I am watching Act One. It's the story of how Moss Hart got into theater--i.e. his aunt was really into it. (Note: they have three people playing Moss: the kid version of him, the young adult played by Santino Fontana, and Tony Shalhoub plays Moss's dad, and George Kaufman, and .... also a future version of Moss Hart? That last bit's kinda weird. Especially when they're going on about how Moss didn't tell the family George is famous.)

Sample dialogue as she explains the plot of "A Woman Of No(?) Importance" to him:
"What's an affair?"
"They were very close friends. One night."
"You mean they schtupped?!"

Then sadly Moss's dad kicks Aunt Kate out of the house and forbids anyone from ever talking to her again. (She gave away the only gift he ever got, books.) When Moss grows up, he gets a job working for a producer, tracks down his aunt and invites her to the theater. Awwww! He writes a play, it gets picked, it bombs...Priorities of the lady funding the thing: "At least I'm not on the deck of the Titanic." Moss gets fired and his aunt dies, asking for him and he didn't know about it until it was too late. Moss switches to acting. "What I enjoyed was getting paid to not be myself for 2 hours a day." Hear, hear, sir! Anyway, he eventually gets that playwriting career off the ground and having some interesting experiences with producers (one naked) and finally meeting George Kaufman, his future writing partner.

Act Two of Act One (don't think I didn't snicker at the screenshot of that) is about the guys writing the play "Once In A Lifetime:" the weirdness of being at George's house and meeting all the famous people of the 1920's, how the first act of the play goes well and the rest not so much, how George wants to be IN it, etc. Heck, I got excited when I saw Dorothy Parker on stage.

There's a "howler" in the audience who 'seems to laugh at absolutely everything." Damn, that's ME in a theater....and also, that's Moss's mom.

Act Two is trying to figure out why the first act is awesome and the second and third acts suck, while George is kinda pooping out and getting depressed. When Moss finally gets some energy and ideas, it's very exciting. 'I expected you to have all the answers," and finally he goes kaboom when he realizes he wants to be speaking up! It's interesting how George is such a Big Deal and yet he's kind of the one freaking out and freezing up and giving up on the third act and stuff like that. Then Sam points out that the stage is so busy all the time there's nothing to rest on and to "listen to the play...." Then Moss thinks of the happy ending.

"Since when did you get so confident?"
"Since you told me we were over the 70% mark."

Then when Tony Shalhoub is playing George Kaufman as a character in his own play talking about how playwriting puts you in a sanitarium....

At the end, George announces that "80% of this play is Moss Hart." Awwww. "Not a bad curtain for a first act." Great last line. I passed the link on to Kelly, she might relate.

Good show, everyone! I recommend.

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