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2012-06-23, 10:36 a.m.

Another successful driving day, thank god. Went to the gym (boy, it's nice to be able to get there in 10 minutes and park for free), went downtown to go to the bank and pick up a sandwich, went to go see Brave. Went to a few bookstores in Sacramento and one tiny clothing store. I also...went back to the psychic fair I went to in January. I didn't plan on ever going back there given the middling results from last time, but I wanted to do something, and they were having it that day two blocks down from a clothing store I wanted to see, so...what the hell.

#1 reading: I requested a palm reading (never got one before and was wondering how it went), but apparently they don't do actual palm readings so much as just "read your energy" or something. Bummer. So my color is burgundy red, later hot pink. (Whatever that means.) Mostly this was just really generic stuff-- your head and body are cut off from each other, you need to get your proper sleep and diet and exercise and crap like that. Which really, doesn't everybody say that to everybody? And for fuck's sake, I really don't think any of that is a massive issue for me. Hell, I've actually been attempting to go to bed early for the last few weeks after my schedule cleared out. She said something about my body being at 3:15 and my soul being at 5-- again, whatever that means. My fifth chakra is blocked--I'm having a hard time hearing/speaking what I want. The head and heart are against each other--well, duh. I'm operating on programming right now, feel stuck in the same place and can't see what to do differently--well, duh.

Her suggestion for solving the problem was to take up a spiritual practice of some sort so I could clear space in your head and be able to see differently. "I can't tell you what, whatever resonates with you." I suspect this boils down to "meditate daily," again. Which I am so bored with.

#2 reading was for career: She made it very short. After a brief discussion of being locked in with my job, she asked me about music. I used to play violin but haven't since high school, so that's kind of a stumper. She said something about notes hitting me higher and lower. (Note: more on this tomorrow.)

As for my future profession, she said she saw a script. Playwriting or screenwriting--"writing with your personal touch," but writing for someone else. Well, that would explain LA, at any rate. Even though I have specifically NOT tried play or screenwriting really because those require a hell of a lot of people to make your vision come true, and god knows I don't have the people, money, or patience for that shit.

Oh yeah, and I could also be a psychic reader. I was all, "uh, wouldn't that apply to anyone who comes in here?" She agreed with that, but said most wouldn't. Can't say I plan on doing that professionally either, other than the occasional tarot reading for someone I know IRL.

#3 was "Your Next Step. He said my color was light red, closer to pink. Well, that came up twice. My job is boring--"I see you with your head on your fist." Said frustration was going to creep out at work. Argh, would rather that not happen. He said my father's energy is saying I must be practical and that's how you make more money. He kept seeing painting metaphors (note: I don't paint much and it's not my primary interest/skill, so I think that was a metaphor) of paintings down a hall, some finished and some not. Oh yeah, and finger painting with colors. I need to finish stuff more often. Well, perhaps. To make a career in art, I should start showing it to other people, which I haven't really been doing (true). He sees me making money via custom orders.
For my next step (he also mentioned the color for this was spring green), he said he saw me making a webpage. Well, I already have that!

Hm. I keep hoping to be wowed and so far I have not been. Sometimes these things give me hints here and there that sound right, sometimes they're off, sometimes they're so fucking generic I want to say that this was a waste of 10 dollars. But then again, it was clearly my choice to waste that ten dollars, eh? Making Dad roll over in his grave and all.

Of course I just want the fairy tale--to be told I'll have whatever I want in a few years. But I know better than to ask about that. The answer is always no.

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