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Improv 301 2.0 Week 7: Cooter and Sphincter

2016-06-23, 1:59 p.m.

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Warmup: counting from 1 to 20.

General notes:
* Try to focus during 2nd beat, go with what was successful in first.
* Walk on when you are helping the scene, clarifying the pattern
* Think before you walk on.
* “Always come on the stage with some purpose.”
* Make choices right off the bat.
* Pick 5 goals to work on before we start:
(a) Stating pattern at beginning
(b) Be your character
(c) Where of the scene
(d) Don’t talk at the same time in group scenes
(e) Give more ideas in monologue

Full Harold #1: (well, 2/3 Harold, we didn’t do round 3’s)

Monologue A: She likes plain food (her nickname is “French dip”) and ordered a bean and cheese burrito at a Mexican restaurant. The waiter snotted at her that they had that on the kids’ menu.
Monologue B: He pulled out a flashlight to check prices at H&M while shopping for his nephew and got told by a salesclerk if he needed a flashlight to shop here, he’s too old.
Monologue C: Hey, this homeless guy knows me!

Scene A: homeless vigilantes, fighting with bodily fluids, etc. Cleaner streets except for the smell, cart fight.

Scene B: snooty French guy working (and smoking) at McDonald’s. She does typical annoying American things like wanting napkins.
2nd round: Le Chuck E Cheese, serve with a flourish

Scene C: I initiate: shopping for work clothes at the Gap. I started out with, “Do you have any shorts that cover my cooter?” The saleslady suggested I wear this bandanna top-1 over each boob? Oh, and a flannel shirt will cover your butt.
2nd round: Now I’m shopping at an old lady store. A walk on wants something sexy to wear and is offered a chenille rug. “Don’t show your mail slot to everyone!”

Group 1: lost in a giant store. Using a flashlight, I’m using a dowsing rod to find a drinking fountain, someone has GPS, someone’s lost in the dressing room.
Group 2: nobody had any ideas, I just came out snapping and dancing, everyone else followed. AT the end it’s labeled “dancing for the deaf.”

There was a sudden blend out of nowhere that ruined the ending as far as I was concerned. It was confusing and made no sense.

Brian’s critique:
Great gross people details in scene 1. Batman teaches us a lot about improve. Uses certain tools to fight certain people. Bring in new stuff. Peeing in public, asking for money as ways of fighting crime.
Brian makes lists in his mind about everything he knows about homeless people and uses it to fight crime. Let your list influence the pattern.
At the end of the night, you want to feel like you made them laugh. The more you try, the less you make them laugh. “Don’t go for the joke.”
Fancy server at McDonald’s should have been fancier when serving.
Obnoxious American wants lots of napkins. Complementary patterns.
Brian thinks it should have been analogous rather than time dash.
“If you are making a choice, you are making a right choice.” You’re still trying.
He thought our first scene was really well played. Loved the idea of hiding in plaid. One per boob= edit. Love the cooter line. “Do you have any shorts that cover my cooter?” Time dash-he thought it should be analogous. Use your mistakes, like sexy rug. Mail slot was funny.
Third beat was chaotic. Blended with location rather than pattern.
1. Lost in big store. GPS funny. Needed to label store.
2. He loved that I came out snapping and doing dance moves. Fishing dance moves. Needed to heighten or own the idea of dance for the deaf.

Full Harold #2:
Monologue A: “I’m gonna jump off like they do in the movies.”
Monologue B: pushing her kid down a waterslide
Monologue C: Me talking about being a reporter and freaking out on a Marine World roller coaster.

Scene A: Reviewing rides as a newspaper reporter, basing it off her friend’s vomit levels.

Scene B (I initiated): Driving like they do it in the movies.
2nd round: skateboarding
3rd round: bungee jumping, dying. Edit when they die!

Scene C: Recreating Forrest Gump in Afghanistan.
2nd round: “I was Netflixing House at home and I can totally do this shit” at surgery.
3rd round: Hi President Trump, I was just watching the West Wing and I can be secretary of state.

Group 1: Hula hooping.
Group 2: I initiated-amusement park rides bitching about the clientele and their bodily functions and being boring (Small World), the log ride will get you wet, deal with it, why are you so excited about the tram…

Amusement park reviews: became all about vomit. Save pooping for the end. Vomit rating system.
Mine: like the movies-take time to set it up, name some movie stunts and specifics. Don’t narrate the scene, always edit on death.
“You said cooter and loosen your sphincter all in one night, Jennifer.”
I watched a movie and I can do the war.-cut to. Put in some cotton in the body.
First group scene was weird.
Second was great J
Listen and take your time on a group scene. Be patient.

Get back to the idea that you are coming up with an “I am” statement that is grounded and unusual. Need a character. Specific person doing unusual thing.
“I’m always down with awkward.”

I also got told by Brian, "You said 'cooter' and "loosen your sphincter' all in one night."

At Improv Jam, I did a monologue about making my cousin pee at the family reunion. I did a walk-on as a nurse handing out pamphlets on your child being a pagan and not feeding them French toast--it made more sense in context.

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