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Couldn't Call In Sick

2020-06-29, 11:31 p.m.

So I didn't sleep at all last night. I was up...well, you know how sometimes your body will do something unenjoyable for no reason and that's not 100% out of character for said body to do that while under stress/in quarantine once in a while, except that's also one of the many symptoms of coronavirus and now you wonder since it's been four days since you HAD to have someone in here if you've now come down with it? (Though I eventually recovered slowly throughout the day, so I assume it ain't COVID.) But I got to doze for about an hour before having to go to work and I was ragged.

So, yeah. I felt bad enough that I really wanted to call in sick to work, except it's Tigress's second to last day and dear god, I can't. I really wanted to. I felt SO BAD. I haven't felt this bad since a few weeks before the shutdown, i.e. the week where I tried warning my boss that I was feeling really bad right now but came in because of the Important Meeting and then got shit on anyway. So I knew darned well I could not publicly let on...which meant that I ended up not speaking at all (which I'm sure was weird for everyone since she and I are close) during her retirement Zoom "party" meeting and barely spoke more than that in the next meeting immediately after. I knew if they heard me sounding awful that I'd be in for it. That was shitty of me, but I was definitely going to talk to her later anyway, so...oh well. (And I explained to her later.) There were very nice tributes to her there.

In the next meeting, Penguin Girl was describing the horrors of being intubated and cathetered and everything else COVID, and I said, "That's what happened to my dad." Hence why you won't catch me relaxing on this topic. I'm glad Penguin Girl is scrupulous on this topic. And then after that I was all "oh fuck, I have a private meeting with my boss today." Fortunately, by 10 I was recovered enough to be able to get through the meeting. Whew.

A "drive by parade" was held for the retirees this year during lunch, in which the retirees "stood under a tent" while people drove by them. I didn't go, obviously, but Tigress said the police and fire trucks went by in the parade, and some of our coworkers.

Anyway, the next to last training was not as frying (plus shorter), so that was nice. I actually bothered to exercise after work and didn't get drunk, so yay me there.

As I'm sure you've guessed, my idiot apartment manager wasn't heard from all day. I'm so beyond tired of her. Dear Universe: is there some way to get a competent manager who does things here? Please?

I spent a lot of time going through signing up for shit, including virtual fireworks, a scavenger hunt and talking to a Ben Franklin impersonator on the 4th of July. Gives me something to do, right?

I went to bed at 8:30 last night. That tells you something, doesn’t it.

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