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2003-06-24, 6:52 p.m.


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Yes, this entry is pretty much cribbed from all my LiveJournal posts today. Diaryland is getting harder and harder to get posting access too before late at night, and I get impatient.

Hill has been having all kinds of fun in her job application process of late. Sheís been waiting for weeks for her background check to go through before she goes flying out for her last official interview before hiring (this is seeming more and more like just a formality before she gets officially hired), and the county in which she used to live is completely dragging ass. Seriously, when Hill and the camp people called to complain/see if it could be sped up, they got a very rude earful about how "Weíre training people, we donít have time to process anything, especially when people call us!" Yeesh.

Anyway, she found out today that if and when things go through, sheíll be sent to a camp in Georgia. I suppose that after she moves, thatíll be it for the friendship. My friendships are usually situational, and once the situation ends so does the friendship. The job entails two years of camping outdoors 5 out of 7 days a week, so I assume she wonít be say, near phones or online much. And lord knows Iím not good at initiating contact even under the best of circumstances. Oh well, same old, same old, I guess.

Looking at their official webpage, I am wondering how sheíd deal with the living situation. Well, sheís done plenty of camping, sure, but on days off counselors all share a big house and share bedrooms. Given how sheís been giving off the attitude of "nobodyís allowed to move things around here" of late (yesterday she got all, "Youíre NOT going to leave the sewing machine out, are you?") , how well is she going to deal with living with a bunch of people? Oh well, not my problem, I guess.

Speaking of my sewing, Iíve gotten one sheet done on the boat bed project! Yay! And it looks good! Except my machine did something icky so that the hem thread looks horrible on the outside, but at least it stays, and thatís the important thing in my book.

Hey, look, chipmunk porn! Iím not the only one who writes about animal sex!

Financially, I have done very well this month so far. Iíve managed to get a few extra hundred over the month, and Iíve spent a whole lot less on fun stuff compared to the last few months. While I must admit that my checking account lowering while the savings gets higher is rather worrisome, I may actually put extra into that account this month. Dave is nagging me to put away more money towards a computer so I can have enough to take advantage of Christmas sales. I keep eyeing this Tablet PC in the school store, but somehow I doubt things would be that much on sale. I still want to go order a bunch of books I canít get in town off of Amazon, though. Maybe next month?

I need to work on some personal enrichment stuff more. I somehow need to get myself into the habit of practicing things such as sign language and tarot on a more regular (say, every weekday) basis instead of occasionally dabbling. Then again, look at how much Iíve gotten done tonight. Well, I got the sewing done, showered and made lunch for the rest of the week, but then Denise called and thatís pretty much hampered me from doing much of anything else that requires concentration. I can work on other things while talking online to people, but being tied to a physical phone object somehow hampers my brain cells to do anything other than reading.

I wonder what would work best to plan around various phone times. I usually donít want to do much of anything for the first hour or so I get off of work (snack ní veg time), and I never much know whatíll happen in the middle hours of the night. 10 p.m. should be Personal Project Time, perhaps? Iíve also started an online tarot journal so I can keep track of my results, if I can figure out how to set that up too. That would help. I need to start doing one of those short card readings a day or some such to get in practice. And use my ASL flash cards more than once in a while like Iíve currently been doing.

Tomorrow is going to suck at work. Because there has been some protesting regarding science/ag/what have you in Sacramento, naturally itís got to spread over to here, and someone got word that the protesting is coming here tomorrow. They donít know if itís going to be at my building or not, but given that the Big Shot resides at the top of it, better safe than sorry.

I had no idea about this until I was chatting with the front desk chick in the bathroom this afternoon and she casually mentions about going outside while she can because weíll all be locked in all day tomorrow. I about plotzed- why, are they testing something in the building again? Uh, nope. It turns out that we might be locked in during the day, we might not, who knows, they may go protest at some other building instead if we get lucky. (And frankly, it would be smarter of them if they did, the top two floors of the building are going to be locked, including the elevator, so what good would it do?) But if you get locked in or out, make sure to have your keys, your stuff, your money, a stash of food (who wants to bet that Iíll forget my lunch tomorrow?), your work ID, a photo ID, your official nametag to flash to the cops...etc., etc.

This could either be a very dull day, or a very weird one. Either way, Iím glad I donít have to leave the building for any particular reason or errand so as not to worry much.

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