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I Hope This Week Is Over

2005-06-24, 8:59 p.m.

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The most recent drama, in order of appearance:

(1) Got followed home by a black cat- most likely the same one as seen on Friday the thirteenth. Only this time, she followed me happily down most of the block.

Again, is this a sign, or do I just have kitty magnetism?

(2) This insane SHRIEKING bird parked itself in the tree outside my window this morning and started constantly shrieking from five a.m. on. I just can't sleep no matter WHAT I do.

Bird was still shrieking when I got home. (Though it finally just stopped.) Fifty bucks says it starts doing it again tomorrow to ruin my Saturday sleep-in.

(3) The bus came by this morning, and decided not to stop to pick me up at all. I was pissed the fuck off.

(4) Dad went to the emergency room for dehydration. Didn't get home to bed till 3:45 a.m. Has to go back to the doctor Monday. I am wondering if the doctor's going to officially say "Now's the time for the feeding tube" or not.

After all of this in the morning, I was pretty much expecting a freak lightning storm to come up and strike me dead. Fortunately, the day improved from there. Work lightened up, we went out for a fancy lunch and got cake, and the hard stuff ended early. Hoorah.

God, I'd love to just leave my phone off all weekend. Alas, given every goddamned family disaster going on, I can't.

I still plan to try to lie around catatonically this weekend, though.

I just wanted to reprint this (no permalink) from this column, regarding Saturn stuff:

"An old astrology joke goes "Where is the best place for Saturn?" The answer: "In somebody else's chart." Yes, Saturn is always somewhere, helping you be lovely and mature in some area of your scope. Right now, as the Karmic one gets ready to move into Leo, a lot of people who write astrology must be having probs thinking how do they phrase it...I know I'm torn between writing YAY! Good Riddance etc for Cancerians & Capricorns - as Saturn gets out of bugging their love lives et al for 30 years but then I don't want to freak out the Leos & for them it's all about the Maturity, the awesome Growth Potential that you will be so grateful for down the track."

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