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"Why Can't We Talk About This?"

2008-06-24, 10:55 a.m.

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So, Mom is back from vacation. God help me.

I knew I "had" to call her on Sunday night when she was supposed to get back in, but I did not. I was not in the mood. I did my duty call on Monday night, where she proceeded to pout that I hadn't called her all week long. "Pat said you'd call me and show that you care..." Well, gee, Mother, I guess I DON'T care.

Oh, yes, Pat does know now that Mauricio is back, since Mom couldn't go without calling him or hide it any. She is not amused.

Mom is still steaming over Jess, and wanted to know if I was pissed off at Mauricio and couldn't deal with having him around. I'm not (I think the dude should just have an open relationship and be honest already, but I'm not mad at him.), not that this would make a difference with her if I was though.

Of course, Mom has forgotten what we even fought about, and is all, "Why can't we just talk it out? Why can't you just give me a chaance? Why can't we be clooooose?" Then she proceeded to be all, "I want to talk but I don't know what to talk to you about when you're mad at me."

I LOATHE the words "give me a chaaaaance." Why does everyone always say it with that whine? Jeebus H. Christ, I've never been glad I gave someone a chance when I already knew ahead of time it wasn't going to fucking work. Isn't there a point in my life where I can just say, "No, you DON'T get your fucking chance, you're already not going to win this if I give you one and I'm just going to be madder at you that I wasted time pretending that you could win?"

I can't WAIT to talk to my shrink about this.

What the hell am I supposed to do? I can't "talk to her" about it when she "forgets" (or actually forgets, whee menopause brain) the conversation when it doesn't go her way.

I feel like some day I am going to have to utterly cut her off, and then she'll be absolutely devastated and go around telling all and sundry in the olde hometowne, "My daughter dumped me and I don't know whyyyyyyyy, I didn't DO anything, she doesn't love meeeeeee, sniffle sniffle." Ugh. I don't want to be that kind of asshole, but I feel like someday I am going to be forced to be the asshole.

And I do not like that. "Don't be an asshole" is probably the one thing in life I actually try to live by, but the madder she makes me, the more I am starting to lose my self-control.

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