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Improv Jam #2

2015-06-26, 9:33 a.m.

Previous time I did this here.

This week's Cage Match featured recurring champions "Cruisin' For A Bruisin" (yeah, I got the name down this time) against a team called "Party Train To Mexico," two dudes from Comedy Sportz and the aforementioned walking cartoon fellow, who I guess performs at both places. The latter group said they were all history buffs--suggest an event from history and we'll tell a story about it and then do scenes. Someone suggested the Gold Rush, which had good potential and was pretty funny and involved one character being obsessed with snakes. It was pretty funny when they suddenly had to wrap up the plot within the last five minutes.

But in the end, the win went to the hometown team, which was still pretty good, albeit not quite as good as last week because the last skit...I dunno, kinda weird on that one. But things happen. I did enjoy the monologues and how they turned into skits about stuff like a massage parlor that treated you like a mechanic, asking if you wanted a lube job or not and then being all "Hey, you made it dirty." Yes, it ends with the offer of that kind of massage. Next week's challengers are going to be a handpicked team by Brian. I'm not sure if I'm going to go next week or not--Mom may want me to leave for the 3-day weekend that night rather than stall around--but that sounds like it would be good/hard to beat.

This week's Improv Jam went pretty well--only enough people for two teams this time and only one guy repeating teams (apparently that was a deliberate choice). I got in the first group, which started out with a monlogue by a cook who had to prepare a gluten-free plate and then someone else made off with it. I then talked about trying to do vegan potlucks and screwing them up at the CC. This led to a giant scene in which animals were having a potluck and bitching at Janice the giraffe (walking cartoon guy) for not eating meat ("I'm an herbivore!" "That's a life choice!"). I played a chicken and was on Janice's side to avoid the carnivores. One fish brought pellets and I went over and pecked at them, then said "wrong kind of pellets." The fish was all, "yeah, those are my poo." I was all, "ew, I only eat my own poo!"

The next scene was two real life pirates being hired to do a show on a cruise ship--I was a tourist with the cell phone out--and then one of them stabbed the other one and the cruise ship people debated whether or not it was real. The third skit was based off of monologue #3--punishing a kid for bad grades by Dad flashing his naked bod at his son. Then Grandma walks in.... The fourth scene was a guy trying to teach someone how to camp, except he ate the bad berries, wiped himself with poison oak, talked to a bear, raided the honey and got stung by bees, tried to hide in the water, at which point I got on the floor to play a piranha....As the campers were being attacked in the water and by the bees above, the lights went out. Hah. Good ending there.

Oh, and I don't think I mentioned this yesterday, but one of the people in lab last night turned out to be from my town. Her name is Rebecca and she was sitting in front of me during the show tonight, so we were talking during the breaks. She's taken 101, 201, 301, and is considering taking musical improv even though she can't sing--I was all "me too!" And I gather she goes to lab every week as well. Anyway, we exchanged phone numbers and maybe...we'll see. :)
Rebecca and I also talked about how you can start thinking of ideas for scenes in your head. I had wanted to try something along the lines of "Top Chef: Russian Roulette" (here's a list of this person's food allergies: come up with something and try not to kill them!) but wasn't sure how to start a giant scene all by myself--maybe they teach that later?

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