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2019-06-25, 8:36 a.m.

This is pretty much three days' worth of writing for one day, so this will be a three-parter.

Another shite day at work.

1. We started out with the monthly staff meeting. Let’s see how nuts it is this time!

(a) BigBoss noted that she hadn’t been in this meeting room since she was interviewing for the job and someone said something about how that worked out for her. She indicated...maybe not so much.

(b) So when we’re perennially low on staff to do the grunt work, do you know what we need? THREE new managers!

(c) Even worse: one managerial position (not replacing my previous boss’s, mind you, TECHNICALLY) is specifically going to be designed for and only open of the members of the Shark Tank! Who presumably will be going up against each other as to which one of them is going to manage the other two! I was sitting there thinking, “Are you SERIOUS?!?!” I am so glad I am not in their office any more. Even worse, I was informed that High Horse “is taking classes on how to be a manager.” Jeebus H. Christ. What a fucking trainwreck that would be. I can only hope New Guy gets the job of the three because otherwise... ai yi yi.

(d) BigBoss announced that they’d be handing out money/gift card awards to super duper employees. Not ones that do their jobs well, mind you, because you’re expected to do that. Ones that go over and beyond can get money. (In lieu of ever having hopes of raises, one presumes.) Assuming you’re ever that good, which I doubt anyone here actually would be considered to be. And also, just because you might win this award doesn’t mean you’ll be marked anything over “meets expectations” on your annual review. I shit you not, that was said. I expected that, mind you, but not to be said flat out.

(e) Lioness was distinctly unthrilled with all of that. Not to mention “where are you getting the money if we’re always broke to award people” (and get new managers?) is a mystery, except I’m sure nobody will get any award so it doesn’t matter.

All I can do is roll my eyes any more. Lioness is trying to chill out after her last super bad moment.

(f) Last week, which was supposed to be a quiet week, got 650+ phone calls. JEEBUS. Please don’t tell me I need to come up with work for others to do* when the phones do not stop ringing at any point in time for seven hours a day every day in QUIET TIME.

note: problem with this is that most people who could help me don’t have access to the stuff I need them to have access to in order to do so

(g) I was talking with Maria about whether or not she could get me some help on stuff (more specifically, does anyone else here have access to stuff to be able to do that) and our boss thought we were fighting and refereed. We were all, “we’re okay, really! This is nothing!”

(h) Apparently Maria thought I was about to cry yesterday. For once I wasn’t. Stressed out, yes, but not about to sob. I had to apologize for my voice again.

(i) I got a snippy fake “friendly reminder” e-mail from another manager that made me want to rage “WTF? DON’T YOU KNOW I’M BUSY?!?” She will not be getting any help from me for quite some time--literally, not just in a rage-y sort of way because I'm swamped--but for godsake.

(j) I had to go to the bathroom and once again made the mistake of walking out five minutes after closing because a guy started screaming at me, “I DROVE ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILES TO COME HERE!” and “Here, take these!” “Those” were not something our office handles at all, and when I tried to point that out, he screamed, “THEY TOLD ME TO COME HERE!” OF COURSE THEY FUCKING DID. I was forced to eat crow and smile and take them, while Temp Guy watched me get yelled at. That was a joy. Once again, I have to take abuse with a smile!

Once again: I wish I could get drunk off my ass tonight except I have to drive and don’t have that much time to sober up between stints of driving.

I also got another call along the lines of “How do you stand being there?” from someone else I know in work context. Once again: what the hell else do I qualify to do? Nothing.


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