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Secretly Scheme-y?

2019-06-25, 8:39 a.m.

Rehearsal tonight: Laure keeps changing the schedule and having technological issues with sending e-mail (sigh, can I go over to her house and e-mail things for her?). We had more headshots taken. I was wearing a outfit that looks a lot more like me, so hopefully that comes out well (crosses fingers). I showed my new Pirate Festival outfit to Laure and Germaine and Cameron and they’re all cool with that.

Carol (playing Adam) brought in the library copy of Branagh’s Ninja As You Like It for us to see and for her to eye-roll about dramatically. Cody happily flashed the video around.

At some point someone suggested we do “Steampunk Shakespeare.” I wish, y’all! The outfits might be pretty hot though.

We rehearsed Act 5, I am in three out of four scenes of that. Rehearsing of that went well enough, I suppose. I wanted to ask Laure the eternally cliche actor question, “What’s my motivation?” I felt dumb saying it, mind you, but when a girl has contrasting lines along the lines of (a) “Oh, yeah, that’s William, he hath no interest in me in the world” (No Fear Shakespeare seems to indicate that he hasn’t proposed or anything and that’s what that means back in the day) and then (b) Germaine added in that Audrey points out later that William has totally said he likes her and admires her goats.... If everyone tells me that Audrey’s as dumb as dirt and all that, is she that stupid? Is she just saying whatever rambles through the transom of her empty brain? Or is she being secretly scheme-y?

Laure seems to lean towards the latter, and that Audrey likes having two suitors even if she seems to think of William as her version of Silvius. Oooookay then, I can go with that. Then I asked what Audrey’s reaction to Touchstone’s scaring the shit out of William was. Scared? Enjoying it? Thinking it’s mean? What? Laure was pretty much “all of the above!” Oooookay then. I am going to guess that she’s actually concerned for William when she encourages him to flee. Oh, and when Touchstone goes on about how Audrey’s an ugly virgin, Laure says that flies right over her head. Depressing, but okay, fine.

Mostly I just find myself standing around on stage a lot going “la la la” in my head (or the Smurfs song, or the Jeopardy song, or anything else at all, which may not be something I can do if they have microphones) and staring up at the sky and smiling and generally having to zone out for way too long while Touchstone yaks along, killing some time while Rosalind changes her outfit. That part’s rather dull. Cameron dubbed her wardrobe change as “gender reassignment surgery” and Scott added, “expedited.”

I am trying to sneak in as much Valley Girl in my lines as I can manage.

Shelly played the part of Phebe tonight and did an excellent job as well. Man, so many of us could have done that part!
Since whoever was supposed to play Jaques de Boys has done a flake and bail, I suggested that Valentin do it tonight. However, it looks like Laure’s going to assign that to Laurel as well.

I wish I’d written down more stuff in the first half of rehearsal because Germaine had a lot of snark going on about playing a goddess, but I stupidly left my notebook on the table when I was running back from photo time. I seem to recall she said stuff along the lines of “Hera should be coming from Olympus, not from heaven.” and “I haven’t been a goddess very long,” and “I’m a goddess, I can go wherever I want.” At some point the de Boys brothers were giving me flashbacks to TnT’s various bro times and I yelled out “Stillettos!” Uh-huh.

Other quotes:
“I’m off to bone, screw this virgin business.” -me heading offstage after the group wedding
“My favorite part about Hamlet is that he gets kidnapped by pirates and that is not a plot point.” -Cameron
“Let’s do boy band at improv.”--Valentin, I do not remember any context behind this.
Isadora the page, in her one scene, does drip a lot of attitude and I love it. “You get him girl,” said I.
“I come, I attend! I know what it means now!” --what I’m thinking every time I say that line.
“Well, that worked out, we don’t have to find a priest after all now.” -me on Hera’s showing up to marry people, because THAT’s a thing?


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