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Something Interesting Is Always Going On At Karaoke

2019-06-25, 8:42 a.m.

And then, karaoke. Attendees: Sarah, Robert, Brian, Janeane, Zach (friend of Robert’s, has blue hair, seems very nice, was here a few weeks ago), Scott.

This week Sarah stuck strictly to water in the water bottle, told Robert what had gone on after he asked what happened last week (oh good, now someone else can bodyguard too), and informed us every time she wandered out to smoke or do anything and left her purse so she’d come back. So good for her. She also ordered a salad and found a moldy tomato so they gave her the salad for free, and then she felt bad because she didn’t mean to do that. (Her working in food service definitely creeps in a lot.)

Zach sang Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Crossfire,” which I had not heard before but very much liked. Shirley did a kickass “I Feel The Earth Move.” Jim was there with ex-wife(?) and kid again. I asked Sarah what was going on there and she said she had no idea but he creeps her out so she doesn’t want to know. I don’t even know what to say to that since he does not set off my creep-o-meter.

I asked everyone who their karaoke doppelganger was. Most people were all “I have no idea.” Scott thought it was funny when I said I think mine’s bubblegum/bimbo pop/probably Carly Rae (I am in a Carly Rae phase). Apparently he’s all grunge and won a karaoke contest once. Robert turned out to be “guy who does the Beatles all the time.” We sort of guessed that Janene’s was Stevie Nicks because she loves the song “Landslide” and that is her go-to karaoke song, but only Brian straight up said “Jack Black,” which made me be all, “Dude, I found Fuck Her Gently in the karaoke app, you should do it.” (God knows I probably will sometime. That will be an interesting evening.) Then I proceeded to talk about the last time I sang that at a Beltane party and then we all made genitalia out of Sculpey and I spread them through the arboretum. Then wondered why the hell I say stuff like this. Because I’m weird, duh.

Other odd fact: people at karaoke think I am naturally cheerful. To which I was thinking, “.....?......” in my head at that one. Lord knows my coworkers would not agree, eh? Or probably anyone else other than the theater/karaoke people.

I did “Call Me Maybe” with Sarah and then later did “Cake By The Ocean.” I did not remember from the radio version I’ve heard a bunch of times that according to the karaoke machine, this has a lot of lyrics about actual cake. Like, “funfetti, red velvet” level of actual cake. Huh. This thrilled the shit out of Nelly, incidentally, as she was screaming, “I LOVE YOU! I LOVE THIS SONG!”

After the bar closed down, there was some group hugging and some conversation about going to Laurel’s mom’s memorial/funeral/death thing/whatever it’s called. At some point it was down to Scott and Sarah and I talking outside and then Sarah left and then well, Scott and I were outside talking for about 2 hours. Yup. Till like about 1 a.m. Damn.

Conversational topics: me angsting about dad’s death and how that makes me want to support Laurel at her funeral, Scott’s ill grandma, how Laurel is doing in general, rehearsal and how weird Laure is (apparently when I wasn’t at rehearsal, she told him she wasn’t the sort to dictate everything and then...wanted to dictate everything) and how various people don’t want to work with her any more. I said that on the levels of crazy I deal with she’s at like a 2-3 for me so I can deal with it, I just wish she could work e-mail. Then we talked about Shakespeare, Tony n’ Tina and how he had to make out with Cameron right in front of his parents during the show. At some point I remember explaining how we acquired Mauricio (“the guy with the pimp hat”) into our lives. Then finished off with a lot of talking about anime and voice actors because he’s heard my favorite voice actor guy (Crispin Freeman) present and do a podcast, and then he mentioned doing film stuff and I was all “hm, would you be willing to help Robin with his film stuff?” and he is, so I will pass that on to Robin. And finally, we finished by talking a lot about Supernatural, particularly “The French Mistake” episode. (I admit that by this point in time the environment around us seemed perfect for some evil creature to jump out and attack us at the bar....)

As Sarah said earlier in the night, something interesting is always going on at karaoke.

I realize how this sounds. I don’t think it is going that way. Also during the anime conversation it seems pretty clear he goes for hot brunettes and lord knows I ain’t one of those. But it was fun.

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