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2003-06-28, 9:27 p.m.

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Well. The weekend went so astoundingly well, and then so astoundingly horrific, that it needs to be broken up into two parts.


Excellent, excellent day. We went to the county fair. I don't think I'd gone in a few years (last year I had pneumonia around this time and was being sick at Dave's), and man, WOW. Seriously fabulous. I didn't get to all of my favorites, alas, but it was still a good trip.

I felt rather stupid that I'd only bothered to get $40 out of the ATM for this trip, as I had forgotten that the fair is...a craft fair. 'Nuff said with me, eh?

I got two pairs of earrings, a bracelet, a necklace and earrings set that's already giving me ideas for the craft fair. I bought Dave a couple of dragons for his collection that were obscenely cheap. Mom and I bought each other glass figurines, and she bought me some more charms for my Italian charm bracelet when she was buying up Italian charm bracelet watches to give out at Christmas. I found an alpaca teddy bear, which is simply THE SOFTEST BEAR, EVER. I love alpaca wool and had an alpaca rug many years ago that my parents seem to have lost. I wanted to get another one here, but the ones offered at the fair were uh, too much money. The bear is adorable and has been named Puffball. I got some honey, and a interestingly shaped (it goes around in a spiral curl!) piece of "good luck" bamboo that only needs to be watered every other week. I figure we could use some good luck around here.

I had a blast. It should tell you how good of a mood I was in that I actually, voluntarily (or at least I didn't get up and hiss to my mother that I was going to go into another building), sat through a cooking show. I don't even understand what the dude was talking about, but his free food sure was nice, and hell, he almost sold me on the pans even though I didn't know what he meant by anything. I kept thinking, "Dave should be here instead of me, he and Mom would get more benefit out of it." Mom was all "Yeah, I don't think you'd appreciate one of those pans." Plus it ain't worth spending $275 per pan on yours truly. But still, it was almost fun! Amazing!

I got to call Dave for awhile since I was somewhere with decent reception, and we discussed craft fair ideas. I am thinking of doing a few jewelry holders to auction off, that could be original. I was also reading lennon/decemberjuliet's entry about NaNoWriMo for next year, and was feeling rather wistful and wishing I had a laptop because I'm not sure if I can do it without one. Dave is encouraging me to do it and says we can work out some way for me to work on it at his place, somehow.

Hmmmmmmm... I am tempted.

I have also been reading Pamie's book this weekend, and oh my lord, is it GOOD. I mean, seriously good. I mean, beyond most chick lit these days good. I don't just mean that she reprinted funny entries, either. I am loving it. I am relating to it. It is inspiring me to (drumroll, please...) perhaps attempt to write some chick lit for NaNoWriMo, instead of sci-fi like I've done the last two years. I'm not sure what kind of a plot I would do, but I've already got some ideas percolating for bits and pieces after reading a few of Pamie's bits.

There's an interview at the back of the book with her, and I simply must quote you my favorite bit:

"The most autobiographical part of this book for me is Anna's struggle to figure out who she is at this point in her life. I had quite the crisis when I turned twenty-five, realizing I wasn't anything like the person I'd always assumed I'd be when I got there. I wasn't the only one having a mid-twenties crisis either. I have a friend who's eight days younger than I, and when he called on his birthday sobbing, "I hate being twenty-five! Why didn't you tell me it sucks so hard?" I cried back, "I didn't want to scare you! I hate it, too!"

It was a rough year. I didn't know where I was headed or what I wanted. I didn't know who I wanted to be or what kind of relationship I wanted. Once I turned twenty-five, every facet of my life changed."

Can anyone tell from this choice of words that uh, I'm feeling it too? Heh. Perhaps that shall inspire something.

I'm also relating to what Patrick said about it: "It gets discouraging, but with three different people whose journals I've read getting books published, I feel as though my turn could come next. I just need to get back into the groove of plugging away at a play or a story or an article until it's finished.

What I'd really like is to feel the joy of it again. The joy of putting words down on paper, having them read by someone else. That's been missing for a few months, and I need to find a way of putting it back into my life. It's part of who I am, and I can feel that part missing."

Amen, dude.

(Continued later.)

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