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Dead Poets Society

2020-06-28, 11:49 p.m.

Chat commentary from today's As You Like It:

Me snarking on Orlando's thinking that it's on time if he's an hour late (even in the forest):
Dude, I still waited around for an HOUR. I don't care if there's no clock in the forest, that is NOT OKAY. We had theater tickets, dammit!
And once again, Shakespeare throws in another horns reference. We could play Shakespeare Horny Bingo.
From OLIVER to Everyone: 11:13 AM
Shakespeare: Young Earth Creationist
From CELIA, daughter to Frederick to Everyone: 11:15 AM
celia is NOT having this
Rosalind is HERS
From DUKE / LORD to Everyone: 11:16 AM
OH yeah. I feel like Celia has a rough time with this show.
From CELIA, daughter to Frederick to Everyone: 11:17 AM
seriously, I defied my father, left my life of luxury, became a shepherdess for THIS? to be a third Wheel? heck no
From Me to Everyone: 11:20 AM
It's never fun when your bestie falls in love before you do. Gee, wouldn't it be convenient if another dude came along for Celia...
Also, remember the fun of incest: if you break up, you still have to see your ex at every holiday and family reunion for the rest of your life.
(after yet another horns reference)
I just won Shakespeare Horny Bingo
From JAQUES/ CHARLES to Everyone: 11:21 AM
0111111111111111111111111111111111 <- My cat's commentary.
From JAQUES/ CHARLES to Everyone: 11:29 AM
It's very important to their reconciliation that Orlando saves his brother from both a snake AND a lion.
From Me to Everyone: 11:30 AM
He needed double the animals to really ensure that redemption

In other news, Jessica and Lindsay pulled out some stuffed animals to show off. Lindsay got a bear, Jessica had a warthog and a sheep.
"In case we needed a warthog." "We always need a warthog."

More from the chat:
From CELIA, daughter to Frederick to Everyone: 11:44 AM
"Believe then, if you please, that I can do strange things: I have, since I was three year old, conversed with a magician, most profound in his art and yet not damnable."
aka: I can take off this hat! :P
From JAQUES/ CHARLES to Everyone: 11:44 AM
This magician can pull a Rosalind out of a hat . . .
From CELIA, daughter to Frederick to Everyone: 11:47 AM
From OLIVER to Everyone: 11:47 AM
From CELIA, daughter to Frederick to Everyone: 11:57 AM
sorry, phebe!
From OLIVER to Everyone: 11:58 AM
I mean, there are worse things than women marrying women
From CELIA, daughter to Frederick to Everyone: 11:58 AM
"even daughter" lol
From Me to Everyone: 11:59 AM
Yeah, but sadly the times suck
Love the sheep, Celia!
You really have embraced the shepherd life
From CELIA, daughter to Frederick to Everyone: 11:59 AM
we bonded
From OLIVER to Everyone: 12:02 PM
Rosalind- This play might suck
Sorry not sorry
From CELIA, daughter to Frederick to Everyone: 12:02 PM

Plays shall be on hiatus for two weeks, as Claire has other things she has to do and also, we need some time to figure out what other plays to do with smaller casts. We shall have a Reading Committee for such things, especially since Jessica is all "I'm off from school and am super bored now." Meanwhile, Shanna wants to read Romeo and Juliet on our own....or just go all Dead Poets Society, ditto.

I went to an astrology lecture with my old astrology group I haven't actually attended in person in several years....can't really explain why other than flakiness. Now they're online, so what the heck. It was a pretty beginner-y lecture, though, so I was kinda like "not much new I haven't heard before here."

Mostly I just sat around reading plays. I read Kelly's in-progress play she sent me about women's lib, lesbians, and secret mom histories and brainstormed on the second act (she wants me to read that one too!!!!) , and then attempted to read royalty-free/free plays for us to perform. I had two criteria: (a) I must actually finish reading the entire play, because I hit the Line of Death on MANY OF THESE very quickly, and (b) I must not hate it once I have finished reading it. This is what we'd call a pretty low bar, and yet I am amazed at how almost everything old and public domain really stinketh on high. The new website definitely has more stuff, i.e. modern, written for and/or during pandemic, so so far that one seems better.

I sorta cooked today, I made garlic bread without any garlic in the house--just used ranch dip powder instead. Hey, it was crunchy bread and edible and used up the sad-ass loaf I had left, so I'm fine with it.

Then Shanna wanted to do some kind of reading/Dead Poets Society thing and invite other people...i.e. her Scott and another fellow, Omar.... Mostly we ended up reading from The Prophet, per Omar's recommendation. I thought, "This is officially the deepest thing I've ever done. Just think, in February I was watching farting videos."
I was excited to meet her Scott. He was pretty low key and chill. Turns out he's dyslexic so reading poetry was probably a new thing for me. Shanna talked to me about it later and said that since she's an in-her-brain person and he's a physical touch person that that's an issue for them. I said that hey, at least he was willing to try her thing, you know? I do wonder about the differences in their relationship, but well, that'll be up to them to figure out, I guess.

Also fun facts: Shanna mentioned having (a) jumped in the litterbox to show a cat how to pee and (b) when she was not doing well, having peed it it herself. The More You Know... We also discussed the joys of having repair people in because she had to get her sink fixed and the plumber of course showed up with no mask and sweating heavily. She wants to do a Romeo and Juliet reading next week, so hopefully that goes on. And we discussed a bit trying to figure out how to talk to my Scott when again, there is not much to work with. I like that she has concepts as to what to shoot for, but I don't feel like a concept is concrete enough for me to figure out how to make conversation with someone who's tired and may not have much to say....I dunno.

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