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Small Vacation Update

2011-06-29, 1:44 p.m.

News from the last few days:
(a) Mom went to visit the Internet Boyfriend again, or at least they met in a middle location briefly before she and he went off to do different things with different people.

(b) Officially, the "I love yous" have been said. My my, she does move fast. Now I really know where I got it from.

(c) Internet Boyfriend has come down with some medical ailments, at least one of which requires some sort of operation/organ removal. He is freaking the hell out and refusing to get anything operated on, even if it means his death. I am glad that for once I am not in the direct line of fire in dealing with someone's medical drama, for a change, because I doubt he'd like my "uh, dude, seriously, I don't wanna be operated on either, but if it's that or death, think about it" arguments.

(d) Did a group therapy session with Mom, which was interesting. Apparently my shrink thinks Mom has drastically changed now that she's in luuuuuuv. Would that we all got such miracles in personality change, I suppose. I got told that I don't have to be her babysitter any more. Okay, but I'm still waiting to see if someone else is going to officially take over the job rather than wondering when I'll get stuck being a shitty caregiver if something goes wrong. Apparently this guy took 4 years to decide to get married the last time he got married, so Mom is all "hey, it might not happen for awhile." I don't know what to think about that, since at least one of them is a fast mover. Apparently.

(e) Mom had free tickets for the Monterey Bay Aquarium that had to be used this week, so I took a few burnoff days from work (note: work is still in "we have no idea when layoffs happen even if the budget passes today" limbo. Thanks for the lack of information!) to do that. As usual, it's fun. I saw two sets of penguins and penguin feedings, flamingos, otters, rays, sharks, seahorses, etc. I still need to go through all of the pics to see what, if anything, came out when you are taking pictures of it through glass tanks.

(f) I had two vague psychic moments that panned out: (a) that we weren't going to the usual restaurant we go to in Monterey, but one down by Cannery Row. Sure 'nuff, that's what happened, and (b) that we weren't going to the Sacramento Zoo (the other place Mom has free tickets to, but those luckily are not expiring) yesterday like she wanted to, but the Crocker. Little did I know when I had ye olde psychic prediction about this on Friday or Saturday or whenever it was that it was going to POUR ASS RAIN IN JUNE AGAIN on that day, so hence the Crocker. Of course, it might have been useful to have that psychic prediction clue me in to the pouring rain factor before I packed non-rain clothes and non-rain shoes to go for 3 days. Ahem. I should have known better than to foolishly take out my umbrella when packing, assuming I wouldn't need it. HAHAHAHAHAH on me.

Seriously, folks, it's JUNE and it is pouring rain? I have started to think that NorCal is turning into the Pacific Northwest, because suddenly we have rain here all the time. Any year now we're going to have no fireworks on the 4th of July because it will be pouring rain on that day. Mark my words. I'm already told that there is a giant freaking puddle IN THE DESERT that we are going camping in next weekend because it still hasn't dried out. In the desert. In JUNE. What is wrong with this picture? Global warming, my ass, it's global cooling here.

(g) Like I said, we went to the Crocker. It was cool. Definitely different/bigger since the remodel. I liked the modern art section, it freaked Mom out, I hit the souvenir shop and the Art-O-Mat, this time getting a collage and a tiny robot from the machine.

(h) I am really tired of how super whiny I have been feeling lately, but that's another journal entry.

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